Outdoor extender?

I have an eero system in my house which covers the house pretty well but doesn’t really cover much of my back yard. 

As I walk around my yard my WiFi drops out.  

What would be the best way to ensure that I can get good coverage in my yard?

I was looking at outdoor WiFi extenders on amazon but would that work with eero?

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  • Hi  blairdee2000 —

    Thanks for reaching out. It isn't possible to add another third-party extender as an eero access point to your network.

    If you'd like to extend coverage to your backyard, we recommend placing an eero on a wall on the side of your house that has the yard. Depending on the structure of the home, as well as other factors, performance reaching outside of the home can vary.

    If this isn't an option, depending on the extender, you may be able to add one as a connected device to extend your coverage. However, any client devices that connect to that access point will follow any settings assigned to the extender and not the device. 

    We also can't ensure the same performance expectations, as eero isn't designed to work with third-party range extenders.

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  • Hi Jeff,
       unfortunately I already tried moving one of my eeros on the wall facing the yard and it improved the coverage in my yard but it still was not great.

    when you said....
    "If this isn't an option, depending on the extender, you may be able to add one as a connected device to extend your coverage. However, any client devices that connect to that access point will follow any settings assigned to the extender and not the device. "

    could you elaborate on that?

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    • blairdee2000 —

      Sure thing!

      Depending on the extender you purchase, there are various ways of getting it to join an existing network. To use a third-party extender with eero, you would need to have one that can connect to the eero network similar to how your phone or computer connect using the network name and password (many have a web or app interface to get this configured — make sure to avoid anything with WPS).

      In regards to this part:

      However, any client devices that connect to that access point will follow any settings assigned to the extender and not the device.

      What this is referring to is when a device is connected to the extender (instead of an eero on the eero network), we are unable to recognize the specific device through the extender and thus can't apply any specific settings (scheduled pauses, static IPs, etc.) assigned for that device. Instead, the eero network will be seeing this as activity from the extender.

      I hope this helps!

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      • tragisj
      • tragisj
      • 8 mths ago
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      Jeff C. Must the extender connect via wireless interface or can it use one of the LAN ports (and PoE ethernet cable) to connect from the eero base station? Looking at an extender that access point, repeater or router modes. Thank you in advance for the information.

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    • tragisj

      You could do wired as well. However, the same caveats apply from using a third-party wireless extender.

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      • tragisj
      • tragisj
      • 8 mths ago
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      Jeff Separate SSID and configuration page outside of eero

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  • Thanks for the info!   So the main purpose for outdoor coverage for me is to be able to connect to my outdoor airplay speakers from my back yard.

    I used to use an asus RT-N66U router before i got my eero system and the signal from that reached outside nicely.

    i like the features of my eero though and it covers the inside of my house better.

    so I am wondering if I could just hook up the asus router downstream from the eero base station.   I know it would have a different SSID, but If i were to connect my airplay speakers to that new SSID, then when I am outside, I would just have to switch my device over to the other SSID in order to airplay.


    i would love it if I could have the SAME SSID, but I am just thinking its something to try using the equipment that I already own.

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  • Eero needs to get with the competition and release an outdoor rated device.   Come on already.  

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    • gabrielmichaels I agree.  With the advancement of all the wireless home security systems and outdoor speakers, more reliable outdoor WiFi is really necessary.  I’m a bit shocked Eero doesn’t have a solution already.

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  • Annoyingly, no one at Eero knows anything nor can they comment to the status of working on it.  It’s quite frustrating.  

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