March 12 2019 iOS App Update - resulting in slow speed tests

Prior to the March 12 update, the iOS app would show my speedtests at around 800 Mbps. download.  After the March 12 update, the speeds seldom break 400 Mbps.

The ISP is saying the app is the issue and not there service.  They are hitting 1 Gbps outside the house.

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  • Drew any ideas on this one?

  • What do you get if you hardwire a computer in to the gateway eero and run a reliable/reputable speed test on the computer?

    The built in eero speed test is notorious for being inaccurate—especially on faster connections like 1Gbps.

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      • eeclark
      • eeclark
      • 2 yrs ago
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      cMoo92 That is the next course of action.  Will be testing directly from the modem as well as wired to the Eero.  Will post again tonight or tomorrow.  Thanks

      • eeclark
      • eeclark
      • 2 yrs ago
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      • What speeds do you pay for from your provider? 1Gbps

      • What is the topology of your network? (How the network is hardwired or wirelessly connected between the modem and the eeros.) modem is using 3’ CAT 5E cable 

      • What are the makes and models of your modem and any network switches? Modem is TOUCHSTONE CM8200. Switch is NETGEAR 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch, Desktop, Internet Splitter, Fanless, Plug-and-Play (GS208)

      • Is the issue constant or is it intermittent? Constant

      Device make and model used for testing:  Dell T440 with OEM internal Gigabit Ethernet card

      • Test 1 - Wired directly to modem:
        • Run 2 speed tests on Fast.com
          • Result 1:  270 
          • Result 2: 320
        • Run 2 speed tests on Speedtest.net
          • Result 1: 132.60
          • Result 2: 141.30
      • Test 2 - wired directly to main eero: only have one Eero base, ISP supplied no beacons. Base is property of ISP, WideOpenWest (WOW)
        • Run 2 speed tests on Fast.com
          • Result 1: 390
          • Result 2: 1.0 Gbps 
        • Run 2 speed tests on Speedtest.net
          • Result 1: 141.20
          • Result 2: 344.31
      • Test 3 - wireless connected to main eero:
        • Run 2 speed tests on Fast.com
          • Result 1: 130 
          • Result 2: 140
        • Run 2 speed tests on Speedtest.net
          • Result 1: 243
          • Result 2: 102
  • So the ISP swapped out the modem and the Eero base.  The initial Eero installation failed to install a beacon (even though I stated it was supposed to be installed). This installer installed both a new base and the beacon. 

    Getting 700-800 on the Eero speed test and 800-900 on fast.com at the modem.

    Case closed. 

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