Specify certain network devices as 5GHz only

Some devices (game consoles, media streamers, desktop PCs) typically never move around the house and can use as much bandwidth as possible. For these devices, it would be nice to specify 5GHz only to get the highest possible wifi throughput. 

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    • DealMasterMike
    • 4 yrs ago
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    If your gaming console is on 5ghz only and the band provides less connectivity/bandwidth vs 2.4ghz, then wouldnt you want the system to know and the ability to switch?


    That’s what EERO does with switching to the correct band for fastest connection 


    otherwise attach a cord cause that’s the fastest connection

    • Scott.6
    • 3 yrs ago
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    I personally would like to force 2.4g so i could do that to my phone while attempting to setup IoT devices which can only use 2.4g ... and fails when the phone can see it because of the band difference.

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