Sub par performance

I got a new eero pro 6 set up today and have the 3 pack, i put two downstairs and one upstairs.  When I go up or downstairs the mesh system doesn't hand me off to the nearest router.  I was upstairs earlier and moved downstairs about 5 ft away from the main gateway.  Yet eero continues to show I am connected to the upstairs router.  I can see the results of this as my video stream slows and speed test shows only 30 Mb/s.  I have to turn off WiFi on my phone and reconnect in order for me to connect to the closest router.  


 I was just returned a TP-Link X55 yesterday because I thought a tri-band would be helpful so I returned the X55 and got this Eero. With the TP-Link X55, I was able to get seamless handoff in less than 60 sec when I move up or downstairs.  Is this a limitation in Eero?  I almost would not call it a 'mesh wifi' if I have to reconnect to the nearest router every time.  Seems vastly inferior to TP-Link.

Any thoughts?  



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