Wireless device in same room as eero keeps dropping

I have a device (Helm, a personal email server) which sits on top (not inside) of a bookshelf about 12 feet away from my eero gateway. It seems to prefer the 5GHz wireless band. Is there any reason for this device to constantly drop it's connection? It's literally in the same room as the eero. My $25 garage sale Linksys EA8500 router worked flawlessly with this device for the last years. All of my devices could reliably connect and stick to it... and it was in the basement closet!

I suppose I could pause the 5 GHz network, force my email server to latch on to the 2.4 GHz network, and hope it sticks to it.

Earlier, I switched the DHCP setting from Automatic to Bridge (because I have CenturyLink and need to use their crappy modem/router due to eero not supporting PPoE). Ever since, the wireless connection to this one device has been ultra poopy. Could that be why?

Just a note: before this, I had to put my eero into Legacy mode. Several of my Amazon Echo Dots along with my daughter's school laptop weren't seeing the broadcast SSID from my eero.

Somehow, for an expensive wireless device... basic connectivity is expected to work.

Maybe I need to go fetch my old router from the Goodwill box and send eero back.

This is maddening. I've spent the last six hours (a solid hour of that on the phone with eero support) working on trying to get to the bottom of this.

Any advice on what could possibly wrong here?

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  • Do you have any of the Labs features enabled? If so, turn them all off

    Do you still have WiFi enabled on your CenturyLink router? If so, turn that off

  • The labs features are not available in Bridge mode (sadly). So, they're off by default now. No, wireless radios are off on the CenturyLink router. Just using it for PPoE and to get me internet access.

    So, I have no put my eero back into automatic mode and -- against what I wanted to do -- went ahead and put it in the dreaded basement closet (where my switch is). So now things seem to be more stable with this one device (oddly), but my wireless speeds are slower. *sigh*

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