Bandwidth Underperformance Notification

Add this feature to Eero where the base unit saves the top out speeds for upstream and downstream and can notify you when the bandwidth from your service provider or a device on your network drop below 50%. Upstream this will inform us if we are not getting the throughput that we are paying our access provider for. Downstream this will inform us of failing hardware within our homes. Also, this could be very critical as a status notifier for when a smart security device is offline. 

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    • Amichalove
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Yes! Performance monitoring is missing.

    The ONLY thing I want the Eero App to do is give me information about a problem in my network!


    it is incredibly frustrating when my Fiber is out, but Eero says “online” in green because the WiFi is up. Yes, technically true, but the goal 99% of the time is to be connected to the Internet.

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