Better Log Records (availability)

I would like to see better logs especially where malware and threat blocking is used . for instance my pc is constantly showing blocked malware but when i go to the next screen from the report it is empty with just some dummy user message about what malware is .. 

specifically reason for the block , ip and app that originated the block and of course the device it originated from or was targeted .  

reasons for this :

1. see what is actually causing the blockage on your part and possibly on mine as well or the reason the blocks are happening

2. possibly get ip addresses that can be added to a black list(s) and/or white on my devices  there for skipping the blocks from the router entirely 

3. narrow down an app where the malware is originating if it is actually malware and not windows or some other app just phoning home ( which i suppose is actually malware but possibly allowable if still really annoying, MY COMPUTER not their data tool or yours either )

4.  look for possible malware flags that are being misdiagnosed i.e. you are blocking good packets or sites or apps ( happens all the time with most firewalls )

this is all pretty basic stuff for most routers with firewalls even though if i understand what is going on i am routing all my traffic through your servers which i am very much not a fan of because of potential abuse of logging my private data and traffic not to mention packet delay from the inherent rerouting through a 3rd party and lets face it , just another vector for big brother and big tech to be looking over our shoulders.


all in all these routers are not even close to even a small business ( like myself )  use because historical data is not available in logs anywhere at best these are for internet ignorant users plug and play ..there should be advanced user options that are available in some of the least expensive user routers out there but not available in the euros line that I can find .

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    Agree, we need to have a log of what was blocked from what device, and the ability to allow from the log.

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