Custom ip range

Is it possible to add a custom range option to allow for custom ip ranges ?


even if it just automatic dhcp with ability to swap to switch main router and network to non standard ip settings.


Find this option helps with security as default main router ip can be switched so not easily found on network by scans ?

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    Sure! This threw me for a bit a too, but just click on the blue numbers (the in your screenshot) and edit them.

    You can custom set all four - Subnet IP, Subnet mask, Starting IP, Ending IP

    The three choices listed under "IP address prefix" seem to be just a handy reference to the three globally allowed private IP ranges.

    The only trick is that you must know the IP addressing rules and enter a valid subnet mask for the starting IP number that you choose.

    So for example, with 192.168.x.0, a mask of would be invalid.  Most people use with 192.168.x.0  There are lots of articles on the web on IP rules.

    At least this is what worked for me.

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