Turn on/off network isolation on guest

I would like to be able to turn on/off network isolation on the guest SSID.  These devices do not need to see the main network


Use Case:

I have many IOT devices that are using guest.  Why? they do not need to be on the main network with my NAS and other devices that may have a different class of data.  


These devices like plugs, Light switches, thermostats do require for some configurations or firmware updates that your phone/tablet/pc is on the same network to upgrade them.    This is not possible as devices look to be disabled from discovering each other.  Having an option to turn this on/off resolves the problem.  

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    • Frank_Palicky
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Not a bad idea but a better solution is to have them add a separate IOT network that can me turned on. That way one could still use the guest network feature for it’s intended purpose. 

      • navy_jellyfish
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Frank Palicky   Good point.  However, at this time I am returning the Eero Pro.  I like the App and mesh units but, there are too many limiting features that are causing me issues with my devices.  

      - Cant flush DNS table (issues when some devices need to renew lease)

      - Can't have Mac filters for only allow

      - Only two SSIDs (which I can deal with)

      - Cant create profiles for guest network

      - Cant connect to units via web interface (as ISP was offline and I needed to set up devices)

      - Cant manage my kids as it should (as they jump from SSID's, change macs, flip connections) etc..

       - IOT devices do not need to be on main network 

      - Can't change DHCP scope options for lease time or Eero IP (caused conflicts)

      - If in bridge mode works but DHCP is disabled so can't get IP from ISP (can manually set but they will not allow)

      - Would be nice to have a approve for new devices

      - Reservations can not clear multiple IP's that were assigned 


      Some of these I can jump through some hoops but, it makes it difficult at the features are not in the app.   Over all good units but this is really meant for the general population that does not understand what to do or lacks any knowledge.   If you want to plug in and go it's great anything else above that the features are limited.    If I could just manage my kids by time (total amount) and Mac.    The two biggest issue for me is the MAC filter and waiting for a 7 day lease to expire (it did not).  

    • woody
    • 1 yr ago
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    I have similar issues with the Eero (lack of advanced features) but I like the grid network and how it extends Internet across my large property. What I do is I hang another router off the Gateway Eero and use that router for a network that needs more advanced features. That comes with one huge problem though is, many of the features of IOT devices require sharing a common network (IP Subnet) and hanging another router off the Eero requires another subnet and thus devices requiring broadcast functionality don't work. 

    I'm seeing that the guest network has isolation turned on, and I want it off. There seems to be no option for that.

      • carl
      • yesterday
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        I agree if we could have the ability to turn of isolation on the guest network it would allow us to use the guest network for IOT usage.  This wouldn’t compromise security of the main network.  And would be easy for the lay person to get their head around via the UI.

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