eero 6+ performance subpar compared to old router

I'm currently using a single eero 6+ as a replacement for my Nokia Beacon 1.1 and I'm just not seeing the same performance as my old router with the eero. 

I was hoping to get a second eero for a mesh system but not when the general performance is this bad. 

I'm in Australia and on a fibre network that uses PPPoE WAN to connect to the ISP. With the eero 6+, I see regular high latency in games and general slow performance in loading webpages and download speeds. 

I'm wondering if anyone in Australia or elsewhere has faced this issue, is it an ISP problem or a config issue? 



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    • elleis4lee
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    Just wanted to concur that I'm experiencing the same thing with the same set up in Australia. 

    I was really excited to ditch the old router and use PPPoE but the speeds variations are driving the family nuts.

    Will have to go back to bridging mode if Eero can't help resolve the issue. 

    I specifically upgraded from Eero to Eero 6+ to remove the bridging requirement so I'm not happy. 

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