What's the difference between Pausing and Blocking a single device?

I don't see this described anywhere.

I THINK blocking prevents the device from connecting to WiFi.   It it is already connected and you unblock it, will it reconnect automatically?

I THINK pausing keeps the device connected but prevents internet access.

Is that right and are there any other differences?

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  • Pausing a device temporarily stops internet access on the device, while blocking it permanently prevents access until the block is removed. Blocking can also restrict access to specific websites or applications, while pausing only affects internet access.


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      Kaur69 I don't think that's it.  What's the difference between adding something temporarily or adding it permanently until you remove it?   These actions are both reversible.  And the new feature to block sites is unrelated.

  • A difference is the way they appear in the app.  A paused device, because it's still on the network, still appears in the device list.  A blocked device does not, it appear in the "blocked devices" list and cannot connect to wifi at all. 


    I guess Pause is useful to force your kids' tablets and computers (but not phones) off the internet, and Block is useful if, say you use Eero for business and you can block former employees' personal devices.  Block is not just about internet.

    • Hi jay  You are the right of it.  Blocking and pausing are functionally identical, but pause is meant to be temporary, you can setup a scheduled pause and you see the paused devices as a connected device.

      Block is intended to be more permanent and puts them all on that blocked list so they aren't cluttering up the active devices.

  • Pausing a device typically means temporarily stopping or suspending any ongoing processes or activities on that device, without completely disabling or preventing future activity. For example, you may pause a video on your streaming device to take a break, and then resume playback later without losing your place.

    Blocking a device, on the other hand, usually means preventing it from communicating or accessing certain resources altogether. For instance, you may block a device from accessing a particular website or network to restrict its usage.

    In summary, pausing a device typically refers to temporarily stopping ongoing activity, while blocking a device usually involves restricting or preventing access to certain resources or activities entirely. 

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