Activity Usage Chart as a 3 to 4 hour delay

Has anyone experience their Data Usage chart being 3 to 4 hour behind that actual time.  At 5:00 PM today the chart only show data up until 1:00 PM today.  Any suggestions on how to correct?

Thank You


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  • My data chart is also 3-4 hours behind. Hopefully they will provide a update to the data chart to improve accuracy.

    The Photo included only shows activity till 10 am, and doesn't accurately display my recent usage, the screenshot was taken at 1:41 pm.

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      • Pdobb
      • Pdobb
      • 3 wk ago
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      Agree. This only recently started happening. Maybe a month or 2 ago? Takes a lot of the utility out of the feature for me :/

  • Went a few rounds with eero support today. In the end, I asked when and why this change occurred since it's less friendly UX and since it was a relatively new change by my observation. They said:

    "It takes time to process the data and upload it because if it was instant, it'd be using a lot more data to do this. Instead, it does this every few hours. This is not a new feature. "

    As a developer, I don't buy the "a lot more data to do this" argument. Changing a batch size from "every 4 hours" to "every 5 minutes" or even "every 30 seconds" would be virtually the same amount of data sent over the wire, and near enough to "instant" to be a much better UX. At the very least, the usage graph should *show* that the last 4 hours of data are stale versus just being empty. i.e. "there was usage, but we can't show it yet" vs "there was no usage."

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  • It used to be in near real-time, so they did change it.  As an IT Leader that worked for Amazon for seven years I feel really confident that AWS can handle the amount of data  that they would need to ingest to get this back to near real time.

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  • Same issue here. Any progress? 

      • Pdobb
      • Pdobb
      • 16 hrs ago
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      Anthony635 Thanks and I've verified the same issue on other systems I manage, too. The problem now is that eero's stance is that it's not an issue and was always this way. Only thing I know to do is wait for more people to chat in with support about it.

  • I am also encountering this issue. Dont know why its hapenning. MYiClubOnline Login

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