ISP assigned IP constantly changing--how do I stop this?

My previous router (different brand) held the same ISP IP assigned address for years.  I had cameras port forwarded and because the ISP assigned IP (Public IP) rarely ever changed, I was always able to connect to the cameras.

Ever since I installed the EERO router, apparently the router pings the IPS all the time for a new IP and my ISP assigned address (Public IP) changes almost on a weekly basis.  Very FRUSTRATED!!  How can I turn off this IP request??

In theory, your original ISP assigned IP should rarely change unless THEY decide to change it OR unless the router requests a new IP from the ISP.   Some of my previous routers had a method to turn off such requests allowing me to use the SAME ISP assigned IP for years.

Other routers had a switch where this "ISP request for a new Public IP" could be turned off.  I find no such option with the EERO. This is Very disappointing because without a stable ISP assigned IP (public IP), the port forwarding of my devices cannot be reached across the internet once the public IP changes.

I pay for 2 internet accounts on the same ISP.  One account uses the EERO router and the other account is using an old Netgear router.   The account using the Netgear router has the SAME public IP it was assigned with 2 years ago!!  Even with re-boots, it retains the Same ISP IP!  But not the EERO.  That ISP assigned IP changes weekly.   Same exact internet provider!

While it's true I can spend more for a dedicated ISP Public IP, why should I when it's not necessary with other brand routers??   Please update this router so that it will retain the lease of the ISP assigned IP, which is obviously a Very long lease.   And please don't tell me that this is controlled by the ISP. Yes, they certainly can control this, but they rarely update their original IP lease.   My other brand routers have been able to hold onto the same lease IP for years. But not the EERO.

The EERO router is obviously requesting a new IP lease from my IPS every time it's rebooted, or on it's own.  Please fix this or tell me how to turn off these requests, if possible.

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  • The eero router is simply requesting an IP address from the ISP’s DHCP server. It’s up to the configuration ISP’s DHCP server (called “lease time”) to decide whether or not to assign a new IP address (if the lease has expired, it will assign a new one). I can’t imagine a bug in the eero system that would be causing this since DHCP leases are based on the MAC address, which doesn’t change.

    Two options I can think of for you (besides talking to your ISP and finding out why you’re getting a new IP address once a week):

    1. Use a Dynamic DNS (DDNS) service that will give you a domain name, and then you run a small piece of software on a computer on your network that checks your public IP and updates the DDNS service whenever it changes. That way, you just use the same domain address anytime you’re trying to access your port-forwarded devices

    2. Take your current DHCP settings and set them up as a static IP in the eero configuration, and wait and see how long before your ISP assigns that IP address to somebody else and your connection goes down.

  • I like and appreciate both of your suggestions and I will try them.   However please note that my Netgear router running on the SAME provider, just up the street, on a second account, does not have this issue.

    And, this was not an issue prior to replacing my primary Netgear router with the EERO.

    In fact,  right now, EACH time I unplug the EERO and plug it back in, it will grab a NEW IP from my ISP!  Both Netgear routers, the one I used previously and the other one I am currently using on my second account does not request new IPs durng a power interuption.

    In fact I had a power outage for 2 days and when that Netgear router restarted it grabbed the SAME IP it had prior to the power outage. 

    I can't see calling the ISP and complaining about their IP changing when it's only occurring with the EERO router. 

    The EERO is a superior router in terms of speed and coverage, but this constant changing IP I never had before has me pulling my hair out.  I will try your 2 suggestions as a work around for this obvious bug.  Thank you!

  • BTW, I tried your suggestion about DDNS.  Unfortunately the EERO router doesn't support DDNS.  I notice many people have requested the DDNS feature as long as 3 years ago, so it appears EERO has no interest in adding it.  That leaves me with no options except removing the EERO and putting the Netgear back in service.  That router will keep the same IP, even through power outages that lasts hours, as long as the same IP is available (and it always is).  In comparison, if I unplug the EERO, even for a second, it appears to grab a new IP each time it's plugged in, with no option to turn off that request.

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    • joytoworld yes, eero doesn’t support DDNS but it’s easy to setup using existing computer in your house.

      Also, if you haven’t already I’d recommend reaching out to eero support to see if they have any explanation of why you seem to get a new IP address every time.

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