Scheduled enabling/disabling of content filters/apps


The scheduled pause option that eero provides is too coarse-grained. I'd like to allow kids to use their PC/device for homework but block social media, games during that time. You can only do this manually now but that's less than ideal and pretty cumbersome if you block individual apps.

From a UI perspective, a way to implement this is to allow a device to sit on two profiles. Let's say I set up "Kid 1 - school" (gaming/apps blocked) and "Kid 1 - gaming" (gaming/apps allowed) with "Device 1" in both. The permissions for the device would be the union of those two profiles. I can then schedule-pause the whole "Kid 1 - gaming" while still allowing the device to access the internet via the "school" profile.

Just a suggestion, any other way to implement this would be appreciated.

Thank you.



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