Expanding Eero WiFi network to detached garage via Ethernet

I've seen conflicting answers on this issue, so I wanted to ask directly. My house has an Eero Pro system with one gateway unit and two additional Eero Pros expanding the WiFi. I built a detached garage and ran Cat6 cable from the gateway to the new building. The idea was to add an Eero unit to the garage via Ethernet, and have that unit expand the main WiFi network into the garage (for the AC, smart switches, etc.) Almost like a secondary gateway.

Long story short, I first added the new Eero pro unit wirelessly to the system, plugged it into the ethernet port at the garage and rebooted so it showed up as a wired Eero on the app. But it does not seem to function as a WiFi unit anymore - nothing connects to it wirelessly. If I unplug it from the ethernet, it does function to expand the WiFi (but with poor reception) and multiple devices connect to it automatically. I want it to receive wired Internet and transmit it wirelessly as part of my main network.

How can I use this Eero the way I'm intending? Or is that not possible?

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  • I should clarify that the Cat6 I ran to the garage is connected to a switch that connects to the Gateway Eero. Should I connect that run directly to the second port on the gateway Eero instead for my purposes? I would think it shouldn't make a difference.

  • Should work just fine the way you intended it to. Since it’s showing up in the eero app as being wired, it sounds like it’s connecting just fine. Have you tried factory resetting it while it’s wired in? Sort of a stab in the dark, but it’s worth a shot. Otherwise, I’d recommend contacting eero support since they can check logs and whatnot and maybe figure out what’s going on.

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