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I have not been able to open one particular site for the past 3 days or so. All other sites I visit open just fine. It is the Kobo ebook site: www.kobo.com. I have spent 3 days with Kobo support, and they finally decided it must be my wifi connection. We’ve gone through countless options. I’ve powered off the Eero and my Netgear router, and I still can’t connect to that site. I can reach the site if I turn wifi off and use my phone’s cellular connection, so it’s wifi related. I have no vpn on, either. Thanks! Running iMac 2019 macOS Monterey, iPhone X, iOS 15.1, iPad OS 15.1, MacBook Air Mac OS Monterey, and some ancient Android tablet. Eero has the latest update.  I don’t have the Secure service, so no sites are blocked. Any ideas would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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  • hrm Thanks for posting! My next guess would be that you having both the eero router and a Netgear router connected to one another may be the culprit. To test this, you can go to Network Settings in the eero app, go to DHCP & NAT and set the eeros to Bridge mode. If the issue remains, place the eeros back into Automatic mode and adjust your setup so the eero connects directly to your ISP modem rather than going through the Netgear router. If you are still having problems after both tests, give us a call and we can investigate further.

  • Woohoo! That did the trick! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

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