Issues with Luxul switch and Eero

I have a Luxul AMS-1816P Series switch that I am adding to my network. I was trying to put it in line with eero (eero being the DHCP server) but I set up the Luxul switch with a static v4 IP address ( and I cannot access the switch for configuration as the eero is giving it an IPV6 address even though I have that turned off. Suggestions? I need to be able to access the luxul for making changes to the VLANs on that switch for sending video over the network (Crestron NVX). 

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  • Hi there, alexands . I had a couple of questions to make sure I'm on the same page here. Are you unable to access the switch using the reserved IPv4 address you set up, regardless of whether it's showing up in the eero app or not? If you haven't already, I'd like you to try accessing the switch using the IPv4 address just to see if it works out.

    Also, is the IPv6 address the only one showing in the eero app, and did you assign the IPv4 address through the eero app?

    Kora | eero Community Team

  • Hello Kora,


    I assigned the IPv4 address on the switch, not the eero app (I kind of hate the app to be frank as it is so limited in what I can configure). I can reach the switch using the IPv4 address when not connected to the eero network but if I plug the switch into the eero I can no longer reach the switch. The eero only shows the IPv6 address for the switch once it is connected.


    • Hello alexands ,

      We'll need to take a look at your network to identify what might be happening here as there could be a number of things going on. Most likely all you need to do to resolve this is to setup an IP reservation in the eero app. However, there could be something else that is causing this behavior and we want to verify that before stating it is or is not something. I have sent you a chat so we can look into this for you if you would like. Also, if you want, you can also call our phone support. I have shared an article below on how to find the best numbers to reach out to.


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      James Thank you James. Where would this chat request be? I do not see anything.

  • I have now gone into the app and set a reservation for the matching IP address on the switch (the switch requires a static IP address to be set at configuration). I have rebooted the switch, the eero app shows it as online yet I cannot reach the switch for configuration. If I remove the link to the eero and set a static IP on my computer I can reach the switch and configure it.

    Any suggestions? Can I shut the eero off from being the DHCP server? If so, how? I will have the switch manage the network if I have to.  



    • Hello alexands ,

      I was actually typing up my response when you responded. So, thank you for setting up the IP reservation. What I think might be happening is that the managed switch is creating it's own network and it is connected to the eero network through the IPv6 address but cannot obtain the IPv4 address due to you setting the static IP on the device itself. I need to look at the network to be sure, you can also verify this on your end by going into the eero app Settings -> Advanced -> Internet Connection. If the first three numbers of the IP address does not match the address range you set on your switch then you won't be able to reach the switch through the eero network without going through the IPv6 address. But I can't see your network yet so this is just a guess.

      In terms of not using the eero network to handle DHCP, you can place it in bridge mode. Keep in mind that if you are going to do this you will most likely need to change your topology to something like Modem -> Switch -> Bridged eero network. This is not an ideal setup and you will want to reach out to the manufacturer of your switch to see if it is able to act as a router for your network if you want to do this. 

      I have also shared an article relating to bridging your eeros below that you can review for some information and instructions on how to complete this process. I want to state again that if you do not have another router that is upstream of your eeros, do not bridge your eeros until you have verified your switch can act as a router and you have changed your topology. 


      If you would like me to take a look at your network please review the direct message I will be sending you shortly.

  • Thank you for updating us with the outcome.



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