Having issues with screen sharing when on home eero network.

I work from home full time and my wife works from

home sometimes. We currently have 3 eeros at different points of the house, all around 30-40 feet from each other. 

We’ve been experiencing two man in issues. My wife specifically when home and working has issues when she attempts to screen share on a platform like Microsoft teams. Her coworkers say that it’s always fuzzy and can’t be made out if she is sharing a power point. For reference we use Verizon Fios service and have 1 gb download/upload service. I test frequently and we usually get those speeds. Her computer is usually connected to the eero that is placed on the floor below our bedroom (our bedroom is where her desk is). I never have these issues in my office. 

Additionally, we have multiple nest cams that are on 24/7 and some of them including our doorbell cam will have these gaps in their video history where the camera seems to have lost connection to the wifi. This is happening despite the eero pods being static and having never been moved around.


I did call eero and they made a few changes to the settings which has helped a little but the issue is still prevalent. Any help troubleshooting is appreciative. 

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  • Hi Chazzzhands If you are not seeing these issues on your computer have her try her computer on your connection, make sure that there is nothing funky going on with her system.

    • Michael_eero_support 


      hi Michael,

      So we tried her computer on my connection. It is a little better but it’s still blurry and there is artifacting when she moves the mouse around. It is better than before but it still tells her there are connection issues. 

    • Chazzzhands Since your system does not have these issues on this connection, and hers does on this same connection, it is something with her system.

    • Michael_eero_support 


      That was my first though but if we use our phones as hotspots and she connects to that and uses it there’s zero issue with the screen sharing. It’s only happening on eero and also is not an issue when she is at her office. 

    • Chazzzhands The only thing we can suggest would be to update the wireless driver on her system or try a different wireless card/usb dongle, in case her current wireless and eero doesn't play well together.  Since the eero is providing your system with no issues we know the eero is broadcasting correctly and a good enough signal is getting to that spot.

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