Indicate WiFi band & band strength on device overview

I have devices which are 2.4 and 5g capable. For some reason a device will connect at 2.4 instead of at 5g. It may also connect to an eero that is not its best choice.  If the WiFi symbol could indicate the band and strength I could find these connection errors and correct them more easily.


Showing the strength would be done by the normal number of bars in the icon. For the band width I suggest using different colors.

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    This would be incredibly useful. I’ve never seen a. Wifi router that did not let you see what protocol each client was using (802.11a/b/n—802.11ac/ax etc). Having this there provides so much utility when troubleshooting issues and AP placement. I can’t begin to describe how frustrating it is to lose that information for no good reason. Please add it to the device display. 

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