New User of 6+ but want to add a single Pro 6E - Need Input Please

Hello folks, I am a 2 week user of three 6+ units and after experimentation on placing the units for best results, it is working wonderfully. The "main" router is of course hard wired to the cable "modem" which is located in our basement and also to a 4-port Gig switch. A second unit is hard wired from the switch and is located upstairs. The third eero is wireless and located in one of the bedrooms used by our grandkids. Then I added a 4th eero 6 (non-plus) and located that in the kitchen. It is also connected wirelessly. We have about 75+ devices connected which goes up depending on number of grandkids visiting. All is working well and everyone happy.


Grandkids used to complain about my Internet...what they were really unhappy with was the Wifi, but no more with the eero network. BTW, I have a 400Mb Internet service but as usually with Spectrum, it is over-provisioned to about 460Mb.

So here is my question, with the recent eero sale, I decided to order one 6E unit to get the extra Wifi band for any new new devices. I would like to know if others think it would be best to replace the main router with the 6E...or to replace the wired 6+ eero unit that is located upstairs, centrally in the house? Thanks in advance for your input and suggestions.

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  • Hi jduffy

    In this case, since the eero are hardwired together, I would put the Pro 6E where the devices you have will use it instead of having it as the gateway.  Devices can only take advantage of that third band if they are in range of it.  In this case having the Pro 6E will only benefit you if you have devices that use the 6ghz band (this is Wif 6E which is different from Wifi 6). 

    If you do not have devices you know will use Wifi 6E you are better off with another eero 6+ (and I would also remove that eero 6, have the network be completely 6+).

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