Showing slow download speeds after switching to FIOS on gateway eero 6+

My eero app is showing 250mbps download and 927mbps upload on my gateway eero 6+. 

My current setup is Fios Gigabit ONT > (CAT8) Eero 6+ gateway > (CAT8) Garage Eero 6+ > 2 more wireless eero 6+. 

When I run the ethernet cable straight from ONT into my laptop I am showing speeds around 900 up and down. Also, when I speed test on my computer in my garage that is wired to the gateway I show speeds of 850 up and down. 

So I am getting the correct speeds and my cables are all good, but my app is showing low download speeds and my network has definitely been choppy since switching to FIOS.

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  • I have FIOS and plug directly from the wall Jack into the Eero. But if you use the provided equipment make sure it’s in bridge mode or you are double NAT. 

    • Radman I was about to do that but I am getting 950mbps down/up on my computer that is wired to my second eero on the chain. So the gateway I am getting 250mbps and that is wired to another eero and my computer is wired to that. So wouldn't that count out being double NAT?

    • Hi Theredwolf4 , this is sounding like the eero app is giving inaccurate data in the speed tests.  Since you do get full speeds going internet/modem->Gateway eero->eero->PC we know the speeds are being propagated through the network and are being dished out.  I would make sure Optimize for Conference and Gaming is disabled (eero app->Discover->eero Labs) as that option uses the in app speedtest data to determine how much to give out and that might be artificially limiting your speeds).

      You can send us an email to support@eero.com and use the subject line "Community Followup - inaccurate speed tests" so we can log this occurrence for you.

  • Yeah. I’m having a little trouble parsing your topology :) 

    I think you’re saying the path is:


    And you’re getting the full 950 from computer but not gateway? 
    do you have any switches and are they managed or “dumb”?
    I’d map out the pathways and where the issue is, and also what settings have you applied? 
    Things I’ve seen have weird issues across forums and myself: 

    IPv6 (I have disabled)

    Labs features (all off)

    UPnP (off)

    Thread (Off)

    • Radman Yup you are correct on my layout. Getting full speeds from computer but not from gateway. I have disabled all the settings you suggested but still showing 250mbps on app.

      • Radman
      • Radman
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      Theredwolf4 given the computer is getting the correct speeds, then you're clearly getting the "right" speed, and the app is likely testing against a speed test server that is giving lower results. the 250 is suspiciously like a limit on the server end.

      if the computer was lower I'd worry, but with this outcome it's just test results.

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