Basic Functionality

There are two features that are standard on practically any serious router or AP, both of which I have seen multiple requests for on this forum, and neither of which I see being addressed.

One is band selection. Being able to turn radios on or off, in other words forcing one band over the other. I personally don’t have a huge need for this, but it’s strange you don’t have it.

The second is scheduled WiFi. I should be able to turn off WiFi radios from 9pm to 5am, or whatever schedule a customer may need. I’m not referring to your current feature of allowing access, I'm talking about scheduling WiFi “power” to be turned off entirely.


FWIW, I work in IT/Security and I get the “which AP” question from 100’s of customers on a regular basis. This amounts to 1,000’s of devices. Again, these are pretty standard on other appliances and standard requests. I do not and will continue not recommending Eero to any serious customers if you aren’t providing basic features

I personally have replaced my Eero with TP-Link. Take this for what it’s worth, I think Eero has great potential and it works well. But you’re not going to be a serious product if you don’t offer basic functions.

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