Website Filter on Eero and Custom DNS on PC

My PC and Phone were both set to use google's DNS servers.  My eero had content / website (porn) filtering enabled.  When testing it out I noticed that my PC and phone were still able to access websites that should be blocked.  When I removed the custom DNS from those devices, the filtering started working.


I thought eero intercepted all DNS traffic and re-routed it to the DNS servers configured on the eero?  I called support and asked why the custom DNS settings on the device were being honored.  They said that's just how it works.  If I want to use content filtering, I have to remove custom DNS settings on my devices.


Is that correct?  Or was this support rep mistaken?  It seems a bit trivial for someone to defeat the content filtering just by changing the DNS servers on their device.

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  • This post seems to say that it does intercept all DNS traffic and ignore the device's custom settings.  Which is correct?  Why were my PC and phone allowed to use their own DNS settings?


    • Hello cspinelive ,

      That is odd. When you turn on eero Secure it disabled all custom DNS. Did you have Local DNS Caching turned on? Try forgetting the network and rejoining the network with eero Secure enabled and Local DNS Caching disabled. Do the devices still have access to those sites with Local DNS Caching disabled and eero Secure enabled? If you can still access those sites after that please let me know as I will want to have you send us an email so I can take a look at your network and try and find out what is happening here.

    • James when I visit eero Labs I don't see an option for Local DNS Caching.  All I see are Optimize for Conferencing and Gaming and another option for WPA3.  Both are off.

    • James When I check my windows IP settings it says my DNS server is  Is that the eero?  If so does that mean Local DNS Caching is on since if it was off, I'd have the IP address of some public DNS server?

    • Hello cspinelive ,

      I think there may be some confusion going on here. I would recommend giving us a call so we can walk you through the settings and identify what might be causing this behavior. I have shared a link below that will help you find the best number to call.


  • DNS (Domain Name System) is the service that allows you to use domain names like ‘eero.com’ instead of having to rely on IP addresses for accessing resources on the internet. Domain names are easier for us to remember and allow for more flexibility when hosting web sites on the internet.



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