Why did swapping Eero ethernet ports increase upload speed?

I upgraded my ISP from  (200 down, 10 up) to (300 down, 300 up).

With a laptop plugged directly into the new modem I got 300/300.  With the Eero plugged into the modem, it's internal self-test got 300/300.   But all devices connected to the Eero got 300 down and 0.5 to 1.5 Mbps upload.  Even a laptop plugged directly into the Eero gateway ethernet port got that slow upload speed.

Eero support suggested I power-cycle everything, and various other things to try that didn't help.   Then they suggested I swap the two Eero ethernet ports: Plug the modem into the opposite ethernet port, and my switch (and the other Eeros) into the opposite one.

That fixed the problem.   WHY??????   Can anyone imagine or suggest why that would be something they suggest and it in fact worked?   It's a two-port switch, there should be no difference between the ports.  It makes no sense.  But it worked.

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    I just want to say that there are It's possible that the issue was caused by a configuration or compatibility problem with the Eero device and the modem. Swapping the ports on the Eero may have resolved any such issue, as this change could have altered the routing or flow of data packets in a way that improved performance. However, without further information about the exact model of Eero and modem in use, it's difficult to say for sure what caused the issue or why switching the ports was effective. If the issue arises again in the future, you may want to consider reaching out to Eero support for additional help. My Nordstrom

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