IFTTT integration

It would be nice to have an integration with IFTTT so we could do things like:

- record login of our kids on WiFi in a Google Spreadsheets

- record login attempts for auditing possible attacks

- automating certain tasks upon use login (e.g. kids come back from school)

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  • Or ... logging Bandwidth to Google Spreadsheets so I have a daily record

    or ... logging proactive monitoring status and actions in google spreadsheet (e.g. audit trail of EERO monitoring itself, seeing the status and action taken)

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  • or . . . turn my lights on automatically when my phone logs on to the wifi, 
    or . . . send me a text if i leave without locking the smart-lock,
    or . . . let me know when the kids get home from school.

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    • dalton = my guess is that this would have to be a total integration with your Home Automation Security System. There should be an app that works with the Home Automation system to handle that. This would be a serious amount of work for eero to integrate with that type of system, when it’s only designed to make wirlesss better. We have to remember not all automation systems work the same way remotely. 

    • Chessmassacre The point of IFTTT integration is that IFTTT has already done all that total integration. Some/many security systems already allow you to arm and disarm through IFTTT. The only thing missing is the IFTTT integration with EERO. EERO would not have to go any further than generate events, like "selected device connected to wifi."  The user would do the rest using simple rules.

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  • A huge +1 for this!

    Possible triggers:

    • Device connects / disconnects
    • Network unreachable (e.g. ISP outage) / reachable (e.g. ISP service restored)
    • Profile paused / un-paused
    • Device blocked / un-blocked
    • Threat blocked
    • Software update available / applied
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  • another huge +1.  notification when my child's phone hits the network or disconnects.  when my phone leaves the network to pause other devices on the network (or the entire network).  would be great if it could notify when certain websites are accessed.  so much potential.

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      • desclint
      • desclint
      • 4 yrs ago
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       I know you want this added to Eero, although for peace of mind I recommend buying Fing Box. Yes “Fing”. It is a network protector and monitor, although it also tracks devices, even if they haven’t connected to the home WiFi yet. I use it to know when the kids are near, and also to know if they bring the “wrong friends” home or even within 100 feet of home. It is expensive but I now find it invaluable (https://www.fing.io) I looked for a referral discount but couldn’t find one. It also allows you to tag devices to people. So if my child’s bad influence comes to our house, I go into the Fing app, see bad influences phone, then link it to “Tom B”. Tom doesn’t need to connect to our WiFi to do this. Then when he is within 100-500 feet of our house I get an alert on my phone while at work.

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    • desclint That sounds like a cool security device. It sounds like it has the sorts of security features (including presence detection) that EERO should have. Their current security features don't seem worth buying.

  • Eero has Thread for IOT integration but not this!  TP-Link Deco M5 has this, Google has this and is getting press for it:


    Come on Eero!!

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    • flylow1970 I wish I had known Google WiFi had IFTTT support

  • +1 — I need “heartbeat” feature for a particularly important eero, which IFTTT courd handle well

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  • That would make so much sense, and all the heavy legwork would be done by IFTTT themselves.

  • I was *EXCITED* to see this already being talked about and then my balloon popped when I saw this convo is 2 years old. :( 

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  • There are a million reasons to want this. Every time I'm adding new integrations into my home, I'm bummed out that a couple of my core systems (like eero) don't have an open API or an IFTTT integration. 

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