Implement VLAN

As an owner of multiple eero networks in separate physical locations,
I would love to be able to bind the eeros and their attached devices into a single virtual lan using something like VPN tunneling.

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  • Hi  Nils

    Thanks so much for this feature request! I'm happy to share it with our team.

  • I love my eero but I'm very tempted to switch to ubiquiti for openvpn and vlan support.

  • My VOIP provider has asked me to create a VLAN so they can set the 8x8 GTMs, 8.28.X.X and 192.84.XX.XX as the Primary and Secondary DNS servers in the VLANs DHCP Scope. 

  • With the popularity of DYI iOT devices, I'm surprised that this request is still "under consideration." I have a NAS that is full of my valuable photos and data that I don't want to lose.  I want to use VLANs to segregate it, the trusted network, the iOT network, and the Guest network. I have  managed switch that can tag the VLANs, but need the Eeros to be able to map the VLAN to the SSID. 

  • Lhpham snap. I was just googling how to do this in order to segment things on the internal network with the Eero "Pro" range. Indeed, there is no possibility to create multiple SSIDs in order to connect IoT devices and other devices to different segregated networks. This is a shame (along with the inability to select specific channels for each Eero to broadcast on, which is another whole sorry thing altogether). 

    brainstewn , for you though, your request has been answered (albeit a year later). If you are using an Eero for edge routing (which I am not), then it now enables VLAN tagging on the WAN side. 

  • I have just seen this post as well - only 5 years old for both requests!!!!


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