Inaccuracies in Connected Devices List

I'm at the airport, on my phone, in my eero app and looking at connected devices.  Obviously, my phone is not on the eero network, but the eero app (on my phone) is accessing my eeros back at home to present me information about my network.


In this scenario, I would not expect my phone to be showing up as a connected device with full bars, yet that's exactly what's happening.  It does say "Idle", but I think the full bars does not reflect that I am NOT on the eero network.


Is there a delay in the list of connected devices, or this by design?  Can anything be done to rectify this so that the list displayed is real-time, and not a snapshot of what was there some time ago?

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    Hi socaluser

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Sorry for the confusion. We're noticing a bit of a lag in connected device information being reported back to the app. We are looking into the issue and will let you know once it's resolved.

    In the meantime you may notice connected device inconsistencies. Please let us know if you have any questions! 

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