Plex remotes access using EERO

So I just upgraded my old apple router to EERO PRO. And the one thing I am having trouble with is I can not access my plex media remotely? I have read a few things saying that EERO can not do this unless it is set in bridge mode? if this is true this would totally negate the reason to have such a nice router setup. Is there any one that is having success with plex remote access and using EERO routers?

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  • You need to set up the appropriate port forwards.

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  • under the plex server it tells me to Manually specify public port and i click that box for the port it suggest. then i go into the EERO app and enable port forwarding under my mac mini (my plex serve is stored) and do the port it tells me to do but still can not reach the serves remotely. I am really hoping to get this working so I can recommend these routers to my family and friends  

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    • Seven7527 I use Plex on my eero network and you don’t need to manually set a port in Plex or port forwarding in the eero app. Just enable remote access in Plex and Plex takes care of everything.

      Having eero in bridge mode would make this not work.

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  • Ok so I went deleted the port forwarding rule. And restarted the Mac mini and the router and still can not connect remotely? Wish I could figure this out 

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    • Seven7527 you probably need to turn on UPnP in your eero network settings. 

      eero app > Network Settings > Advanced Settings

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  • Just checked and yes it was already enabled. So no that’s not the answer 

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    • Seven7527 that’s really weird. Do you have another router in front of your eero? What I mean is, is your eero plugged into strictly a modem, or is it a modem/router combo?

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  • I have a att U-verse router modem but it’s in bridge mode. It the same router modem I was using with my old Apple airport with no issues.  

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    • Seven7527 AT&T states they don’t let you out your Uverse gateway into bridge mode. Are you actually running it in bridge mode, or are you referring to IP Passthrough mode? If it’s the passthrough option, did you switch the MAC address for that configuration from your Airport MAC address to your eero gateway MAC address?


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  • Ok yes you are correct. So logged in the modem router and had to go to fire wall status and add my eero to the list of allowed devices. Also set it up (DMZplus mode) - Set the selected computer in DMZplus mode. All inbound traffic, except traffic which has been specifically assigned to another computer using the "Allow individual applications" feature, will automatically be directed to this computer.  After that i restarted the modem and routers and now everything is working great!!! Thanks for your help

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      Seven7527 can you please explain this more?  im in the same boat as you were.  can't get it to work.  have same modem.  messed with the setting on uverse modem. no luck...thanks

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  • I also have same eero + ATT U-verse setup. Port forwarding as in https://support.eero.com/hc/en-us/articles/207908443-How-do-I-configure-port-forwarding- fixed my plex issue.

    I did port fowarding for my mac where plex is installed

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  • I have the same issue but my setup is eero+Verizon Fios router. Do people have any suggestion if the setup above will work. i did what is listed here https://support.eero.com/hc/en-us/articles/207908443-How-do-I-configure-port-forwarding- but no luck.

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  • try disabling ipv6 in plex settings (Network), eero and fios router. restart everything. Not sure if it will work in your case. sometime ipv6 causes issue

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