PoE - Power over Ethernet

I have seen elsewhere a discussion about Eero supporting the use of PoE to power Eero APs. I would add my support to this desire. (See https://www.reddit.com/r/eero/comments/476pzy/eero_is_shipping_ask_us_anything/ and search for PoE)

Whilst to many PoE might be considered an enterprise level feature I would point out that even Apple at one point included PoE support in an earlier round AirPort base station model nicknamed the UFO part number M9397LL/A. Furthermore these days it is increasingly common to get smart home devices particularly WiFi cameras which also support using PoE.

So PoE is not purely an enterprise feature, is becoming perhaps more common in smart homes, and does make wiring power to locations much easier and cheaper.

Note: Ubiquiti also have WiFi products which support PoE.

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  • Agree, I'd like to see a lower cost version that I could add to my existing mesh, which would support POE.  Making it weather resistant would be ideal too, say for placing outside. 

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  • Would something like this plugged into the Eero allow one to then plug in a PoE-dependent device, such as a security camera? https://www.amazon.com/TRENDnet-Gigabit-Ethernet-Injector-TPE-115GI/dp/B00BK4W8TQ/ref=sr_1_6?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1486738057&sr=1-6&refinements=p_n_feature_keywords_browse-bin%3A2885863011

  • crack3d 

    My goal is to power the Eero itself via PoE so the device you list will not solve that. You would need a PoE extractor not injector and then you would have to plug a standard wall wart in to it and frankly that is just not feasible.

  • I'd also like to see a POE model. This would make life easier. :)


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  • Power over Ethernet is becoming a common feature for residential equipment, both in terms of Ethernet switches as well as endpoint devices, such as APs and Video Cameras. One key advantage to PoE power is the ability to centralize power backup to protect against a power failure. Deploying one large UPS for the Ethernet switch (and residential gateway) versus multiple UPSes at each equipment location is significantly easier and less costly.

    This is the one key disappointment I have with moving to Eero APs from my previous APs, which were PoE powered. Please develop a PoE model.

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  • Another vote for POE.  IMO the "enterprise" vs. "consumer"  issue is irrelevant, what matters is performance in real-world consumer use. This is an expensive product relative to it's competition. The reason for buying Eero (or amy mesh system) is most often to cover dead spots. Unit placement is critical for this, and POE often makes ideal unit placement MUCH easier. Therefore POE - like ethernet backhaul - is a logical feature in any high-end consumer mesh system. 

  • +1 for POE. Consumer switches can be had for as little $150 (see as recent netgear click switches) 

  • +1.

    This is the single largest barrier to adoption for me with devices. I have run Cat-6 everywhere to power cameras, speakers and wireless access points - having to co-locate devices and require two wires doesn't make sense for either commercial or residential installs anymore. 

  • This would be extremely useful for me. I am running a eero pro pack but have an Ubiquiti on my back porch utilizing poe. Would love to be all Eero!!!

  • Wouldn't this require a hardware upgrade?

  • My suggestion would be to offer an eero designed/approved PoE splitter as an accessory along with a wall/ceiling bracket. That wouldn’t be as elegant as natively PoE compatible model, but would be far quicker and cheaper to bring to market and satisfy most people’s requirement. 

  • There is a POE mount for the Eero (Google it). I have one and it works great. Was a pain to get though. I had to pretend to be an installer and I contacted an authorized EERO dealer that sold me one without opening up an account. It mounted on my back porch ceiling and works perfectly! Been running for months with no issues. I have full signal in my backyard now!

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  • I agree... with the price point that these devices are PoE should be included natively.  I mean why should I go spend additional money just to get PoE which are now becoming more common in residential installs.  I'm also not paying additional $149 for a PoE adapter; I'm sorry but that's the same price as the beacon. This makes no sense.  I like the Eero's BUT I'm seriously considering investing in another solution as the cost just isn't adding up for me.  Anyone found a cheaper alternative to Eero PoE solution flaw? 

  • To power the gen1 unit I am using a wall mount Trendnet Gigbbit POE splitter with a ethernet patch cable and a short 5.5x2.1mm male dc plug to 5.5x2.5mm male dc plug, about $20 total (plus the Eero wall mount bracket).

    I see there are a number of POE splitters like this with USB-C outputs but I am bit confused about which one would work as they all say +5 volt even though I think there is a PD standard for all of these applications.  Plus they're more expensive.  I'm just sticking with the gen1 units as they peg my 60gb ISP no problem.  But if anyone knows more about the USB-C solution I'm all ears 🙂.


  • I see that I can't edit after my post but I want to state that this particular unit is not an injector as someone posted earlier, it's a splitter, so it is powered by a POE switch up the line, not by a wall wart or anything similar that requires any additional wiring to this Eero's location.

  • I originally started this thread 3 years ago, at that time Eero were not owned by Amazon and Eero did not sell a legal version of their products in Europe - hence I had not bought Eero products.

    Obviously since then Amazon bought Eero and under Amazon's management Eero did finally manage to release legal and compatible versions for the European market. However by this time I had decided to wait for a WiFi6 compatible product.

    Well Eero this month have released WiFi6 models and these will also be shipping soon in Europe. I therefore decided to check to see if there had also been any progress with regards to PoE support. It turns out there was both good and bad and more bad news.

    1. Eero had released a PoE and wall/ceiling mount solution for the second version of the Eero Pro. This whilst expensive looked an effective solution. The fact Eero had released a solution for the Eero Pro was of course good news.
    2. Unfortunately it turns out that it is not compatible with the new WiFi6 Pro model. That is the first bad news.
    3. Even more unfortunately it turns out that the Eero E011101 (the part number for the kit) is only available via 'professional installers'. The second problem is that this professional installer program only exists in the US meaning even if the E011101 product had been compatible with the new WiFi6 Pro model I would not have been able to get hold of it!

    So we are literally back to square one. There is no PoE solution from Eero. I see this request is still listed on the Eero list of current feature requests. This post will hopefully update its active status.

    I urge people to continue to vote for it. Unfortunately even though circumstances have changed we cannot vote for it again and starting a new request would lose the existing votes so we can only rely on new votes from new people.

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  • Would love this - even if Eero provided a POE switch as the Pro 6's are pretty high Wattage. Helps keep cabling cleaner. Would also be great to have a wall or ceiling mount that looks nice and hides all cables.

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  • Absolutely agree. I already need a UPS for the modem and switch, another for the security system, for full coverage I would need another two for the APs.

  • I would love to see Eero's support PoE for the latest version. I am currently using a mix of Eero devices with (3) Eero Pro (gen 2) setup with the Eero PoE adapter in ceiling locations. This is great! But they really need to be upgraded. Unfortunately, the new Eero devices draw more power and don't have PoE adapters.

    We have a new smart home with >60 devices connected to the network and dual fiber connections from two different providers. In the era of hybrid work (both of us work remotely full time), it would be great to see Eero support:

    1. PoE

    2. Mounting adapters for ceiling locations

    3. Dual ISP support (two at 2.5Gbps+ or one at 2.5Gbps+ and one at 1Gbps)

  • I'm glad the Eero began offering a PoE adapter for the Eero Pro (second generation). I've used it and it works well. I'd like this adapter to be updated to fit the Eero Pro 6. I'm also trying to figure out if the existing adapter will work properly with the Eero Pro 6 (even though the Pro 6 won't fit properly into the housing)

  • PoE simply is a requirement for devices such as this. I have just received some Eero Pro 6 devices and am somewhat amazed that these do not support PoE.

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