Feature Request: Pause Internet for Individual Devices

I really like the "pause internet" feature for my kids, but there's no need to pause the internet for ALL of the devices under their profile. Can we add a pause for individual devices? 

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  • Thanks for this feature request, DMcWetty 馃憤

    We are excited about the future of Family Profiles. I'll provide this feedback to our team and will update everyone here if there is any news to report.

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  • Jeff C.  I hope you guys are going all in on Family Profiles. That is exactly what customers want right now...me included! Basically, having a Disney Circle, or Luma-like parental controls are huge. Take something along those lines, amp it up and make it simple and you have a winner! In particular, if you create a VPN on the eero network, you can have devices connect back to it/through it allowing full monitoring and parental controls remotely too!

  • I'm submitting this here because its pretty much related to this topic.  However, this can be resolved if Eero allowed devices to be assigned to multiple profiles.  This way I can create different device groupings to control how/when I pause devices within that group.  Essentially, I would be able to group my devices in any grouping I want. 

  • Hi  Bash

    Thanks for chiming in here!

    I'm happy to pass along that feedback to the team. Just to clarify...

    In today's scenario, each member of your family (for example) would have a profile with their devices. Are you looking for something (again for example) where you could maybe also pause a specific set of devices like phones during dinner?

    Thanks again!

  • Jeff C.  Exactly. So even though even family have their own profiles.  We could create a another profile that would pause specific devices for a given occasion like dinner.  This way we can create profiles to limit either pause on particular family member, or create a separate grouping where we can create a profile based on occasion.  In order to do this we don't really need a bunch more development.  Just the ability to add a device to multiple profiles.  This would actually resolve the feature requested by DMcWetty as well and gives us the ability to organize thing at our discretion.

  • Pausing the Internet for EVERY devices is a dumb idea, at least in my head. Most houses have at least one device that needs connectivity. My house is extreme, but for example, stopping all mobile devices would be fine (unnecessary, but fine) however, my Nest, Hue, Cameras, WeMo etc, need connectivity all the time.

    All I want to do is stop the Internet on say my daughter's phone and tablet, but sometimes just the tablet.

  • This would be a great feature to have.  At this time, my wife and I would love to be able to pause the Internet on our son's iPad / iPod, but still allow Internet on his PS3 for Netflix in the evenings.

  • A pause toggle for each device when you pull up the active device list would be helpful

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  • I too would greatly benefit from being able to pause individual devices in a group. My use case is I put my kids tvs in a group because they all typically shut off at the same time. But, if one of them gets in trouble, I have to remove them from the kids group, create a new group just for them and pause it. It doesnt not present a very clean ux. Please consider this sooner rather than later

  • Any update on this feature request?

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