Feature request: eero needs to support IPv6

eero is way behind.  Google is seeing about 15% of their traffic being IPv6 and the adoption in the US is about 30%.  See:


For example I currently have Comcast at home with native IPv6 support.  I will only buy products that support IPv6.


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  • How reliable is IPv6 on Eero? Thinking of switching to Eero

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      • gpshead
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      googlehome_or_eero I've had IPv6 enabled onmy Eero for a month (on Comcast Business Internet) without noticing any problems. There is still a lack of IPv6 features such as the already mentioned inability to open holes in the IPv6 firewall to allow incoming connections over IPv6 to specific devices. Google Wifi claims to already support that (https://support.google.com/wifi/answer/6274503).

  • I currently use Verizon and T-Mobile cellular home internet services. For these to work correctly using a secondary router, the router needs ipv6 passthrough/bridge mode to pass the ipv6 addressses to the secondary router. For example: with Verizon, I can run the gateway in ip passthrough mode and use it as a modem for my eero 6+ router. The problem is that even with ipv6 enabled, I can only get an ipv4 address using the eero. If I changed the eero from DHPC automatic to bridge mode, I can get both a ipv4 and ipv6 but I lose the router advantages and functionality provided by the eero. Other routers like ASUS have different ipv6 settings based off of your isp. One of them being ipv6 passthrough. I would really like to see this feature in future updates. I love the eero system but I’m missing out on being able to use ipv6 with my current isp. Thank you. 

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