Feature request: eero needs to support IPv6

eero is way behind.  Google is seeing about 15% of their traffic being IPv6 and the adoption in the US is about 30%.  See:


For example I currently have Comcast at home with native IPv6 support.  I will only buy products that support IPv6.


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  • I decided to return it. Too many items on the to-do list. May revisit after these requests are fulfilled 

  • Jumping on this bandwagon here.  Recently moved from California to Colorado, and I guess out there they're pushing things through ipv6 more heavily.  Twice now over night my entire network comes down to the point where I am factory resetting cable modem (from xfinity) and my entire eero setup.  really frustrating....

    agree with previous posters that I thought my eero setup was supposed to be top of the line and leading edge technology, so this just seems like a big oversight by product managers

  • Jeff C. 

    I have IPv6 (DualStack) through Spectrum/TimeWarner Cable in central Ohio. My previous Asus WAP/Router provided excellent IPv6. My current configuration has the eero in bridge mode using pFsense as my router/firewall. I get a /64 from my ISP with prefix delegation to /56. 

    I am very frustrated by the lack of attention to IPv6 by eero and the misinformation being presented in this forum by IPv6 deniers. 

  • I am very disappointed that eero still doesn't support IPv6. It was standardized in 1998 and is AFAIK supported by all reputable network vendors 19 years later.

    Below is the best reply I could get when pressing for an ETA:


    Hey Martin,I understand that this can be frustrating, not having a timeline for a needed feature. But I need to be clear--as a company wide policy we don't speculate on any feature requests, including time frames and whether it will be implemented or not. That is our position as a company. I will continue to pass this up to our engineering team and I encourage you to continue voicing your concern and need for this feature on the community forums. If there is anything else I can clarify let me know.
    Victor @ eero

    That eero as a matter of company policy doesn't want to speculate on IPv6 availability (or even if it ever will be implemented?) is concerning.



    Martin - Past eero fanboy

  • mdyring  —

    Thanks for checking in. Victor is absolutely correct, and as a company, we don't have a public roadmap for features. Our team is always tracking and monitoring feature requests that are shared by current and prospective customers. 

    To be clear, it's not that we don't believe in IPv6. We do, and as it is mentioned in the pinned post above, it is something we are actively looking into and working on. I wish there was more to share at this time, but that is the current status of where things are at. I can assure you, however, that this thread will be one of the first places to be updated once we have more details to provide.



  • Anecdotally, I will say that, while I am personally an eero customer, I recently substituted a Ubiquiti equipment order for an originally-planned eero installation on a decent-sized consulting engagement because of eero's current IPv6 status.

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  •  rcrcr I hear you. No reason to put your head on the block if eero can't be bothered to commit.

  • It's actually a pretty simple answer. Hiding behind 'policy' is pure BS. I have three-year-old wireless equipment that does perfect IPv6. So do all my computers. My own server (personal, not work) is fully IPv6. Every day the IPv6 traffic increases.

    No comment = no roadmap.

    No roadmap = no purchase.


    The policy is also one the ensures I won't buy Eero. It's too bad, really. But I'll find a vendor who actually communicates. And delivers.

  • I just want to point out here that ipv6 is definitely on their road-map based on what features the new Eero 2 has in it.  If you notice, it says that it has Thread radio in it, and Thread works by using ipv6.

  • itsn0tm3 Which says nothing about IPv6 support for any other devices (e.g. does my laptop get a properly auto configured IPv6 address? Do all IPv6 functions work? Do the various tests return 10/10 or 20/20 in terms of support? We have NO idea because they refuse to say. And they are STILL hiding behind a BS policy. It's not like IPv6 is new. As I said, my legacy, non-mesh device does full, proper IPv6. The hype around Eero seems out of line given their abject refusal to even address the question responsibly.

  • This is actually one request we've been pretty transparent with despite not having a public roadmap on upcoming features. Not to be a broken record:

    Jeff C. said:
    To be clear, it's not that we don't believe in IPv6. We do, and as it is mentioned in the pinned post above, it is something we are actively looking into and working on. I wish there was more to share at this time, but that is the current status of where things are at. I can assure you, however, that this thread will be one of the first places to be updated once we have more details to provide.

    I understand that everyone here is likely looking for an exact date. We don't have that to share today. We will keep working towards this, and as soon as we have more to update, those details will be shared here.

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  • Jeff C. Honestly - that statement was five months ago and there hasn't been an update. I'm not sure why I should take any comfort or solace in that, nor understand why I should 'bet on the come' and hope that at some point, some day, you do offer IPv6 support AND it happens to be supported on hardware bought before this (unknown, unclear) date arrives.

    The bottom line is that someone, somewhere in management, decided not to disclose anything. My money stays firmly in my pocket until that changes. Or it goes to a competitor who does fully support IPv6. My current device will need to be replaced in the next few months...

  • Penguintopia --

    We completely understand. Our response here is for people who have eero and wish to use IPv6 or those who are interested in eero and want to wait till we support IPv6.

    If someone needs IPv6 support today, while unfortunate, we understand if eero isn't a fit for your current needs. You can use an upstream router with IPv6 support and put your eeros in bridge mode. This will still provide all the advantages of our mesh while passing IPv6 traffic. But nobody here is going to say use eero if it doesn't fit your current needs. That's us being transparent, as we don't want to mislead or disappoint anyone.

    What we hope to do is continue to discuss what types of things both current and prospective customers want so we can continue to develop eero into an even greater product.

    Thanks again for your feedback. We hope you stay tuned with our ongoing updates, and that you'll look to give us a shot as soon as we add IPv6.

  • Jeff C. would eero consider issuing refunds on returns made due to lacking IPv6 support under the 1 year warranty?

    I bought a 3 pack and have referred some friends as well. After my initial surprise of the missing IPv6 support (which is not very clearly "advertised"), I decided to stick with them as it seemed a resolution was forthcoming. However, as appears not to be the case, I might be better off with another vendor.

  • mdyring we can only accept returns and provide refunds within 30 days of purchase from our online store.

  • mdyring  Respectfully (and only in my own opinion), it's requests like this which very much justify reticence on eero's (or any other hardware or software vendors') part to be candid with customers about unreleased features and/or future plans for possible features. Believe me: I, too, very much want to see full-fledged IPv6 support in eero products as soon as possible, am surprised that it is currently missing, and am disappointed by statements like "it is something we are actively looking into", but that said, I think that raising an issue in regards to desired refunds for unannounced, unreleased features will only serve to hinder further communication from eero in the future.

  • rcrcr Actually in my case the very vague communication led me to sticking with the product instead of returning it immediately.

    Unfortunately the specs on the website does not give any indication IPv6 is not supported, so most people will not find out before they install it.

    From the website:

    Security and network services

    WPA2 encryption, Family Profiles, DHCP, NAT, VPN Passthrough, UPnP, Static IP, and Port Forwarding

  • I ended up returning it due to the lack of this and another feature missing. Went with another Mesh system. 

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  • To make things worse, Google Wifi was just updated with support for IPv6...


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  • Amplifi HD Mesh now has full IPv6 support, and Plume Adaptive Wifi has it too. Luma is expecting to release full IPv6 support in the next 2 months. 

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  • Eero is making it hard to stay a fanboy with these bif ticket features missing. 

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  • This is very unfortunate, however, I am glad I found out that eero does not support IPv6 before my 2nd generation pre-order shipped. I just canceled my order at Amazon. I'll be re-evaluating my choice for mesh networking now.

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  • I bought the eero Pro (3-pack) a few days ago and so far things are running great! I used iperf3 to measure speed to my main laptop wired to the primary (gateway) from the second and third eeros and I'm definitely getting faster throughput than what I was getting with using Google WiFI. However, without IPV6 support, I'm really hoping my $500 investment would not turn out to be just a bunch of paper weights a few years from now. Will the IPV6 be eventually supported? And when they do, will they be just via firmware updates? Or will I need new hardware for it? This will help me decide whether to keep the eero, or return it and just use something else instead.

      • Jeff C.
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      • Jeff_C
      • 5 yrs ago
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      Hi  DonIggy —

      Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the eero community! I'm happy to hear things are going great with your new eeros so far 😀

      With regards to IPv6, as mentioned previously, we don't have an official timeline for when it will be released. Once it is, it will be provided as a software update so no new hardware will be needed. As soon as we have more updates, we will make them available here.

      Thanks again. Please let us know if you have any other questions. You can also always contact eero support. Feel free to give us a call at 1-877-659-2347 or email us at support@eero.com .

      • mdyring
      • mdyring
      • 5 yrs ago
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      DonIggy I'd return them while there is still time - and use the Google Wifis if you still have them around.

      I made the same mistake of waiting, hoping it would be supported sooner rather then later (or never).

      As you can see, all bets are off regard availability of IPv6 support and other featured, as per company policy...

      You can always buy them again (perhaps even with more recent hardware at that time) when IPv6 support is there and if eero still looks like the right vendor.

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  • I agree, this is a given that the support needs to occur.  While most connections are IPv4 it is only a matter of time that this will be required.  It seems to be on your road map now based on your comments.  Can you confirm this and when is will occur like Q4 2017 or ????.

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  • I just bought eero pro and I am not at ALL disappointed about IPv6 not being supported -- at the moment.  I agree with the general sentiment here of "eventually" and want to at least put my use case on the table.  

    Situation:  I just set up a new Comcast gigabit service at a new address with old Apple Extreme + Express and 75+ devices and I've been dealing with IPv6 issues for a month.  IPv6 broke my Plex Media Server, for example, though I managed to fix that after digging.  It made my RasPis go crazy.  It made my Gigabit smart switch think we were being hacked.  Ugh.

    Resolution:  I went to BestBuy last night, bought eero, and now love it for simplicity and speed in my networking life.  I was in my 20s when IPv4 was practically born and now I am just too old and busy to bother learning IPv6.  When it becomes so prevalent that everything uses it, great.  At that point, I'm certain that eero will have it all solved and I can still be happy about having paid for simplicity.   I would pay more still.  

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