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I would like to see the Eero plus protections be available to the guest network. The reason for this is because I like to keep my IoT things separated from my home network but if I move them to the guest network I lose my Eero plus protections. Honestly one of the reasons I got Eero plus was for those devices, but currently I'm stuck between putting them on my home network or separating them but then leaving them unprotected by Eero Plus. 


Thank you!

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  • Great Post.

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  • I just added a very similar request but different in the way it would be implemented. After speaking with eero support (because I planned on moving all iOT devices to the guest network) I now understand that nothing on the guest network can talk to each other (devices can ONLY talk on the internet). This means that the guest network is not a valid solution for iOT since those devices have to talk with each other in many cases to function properly. There will need to be a different network set up specifically for isolating devices from the "private" devices that we don't want any risk from iOT and those that we do want to have on an open segment. This could be done with VLAN's but would add complexity to eero that would probably not be in line with the general trajectory of their product. If eero Plus protection is extended to the guest network AND the devices on this network are permitted to talk to each other then it could potentially be a solution for this very critical need.

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      • Oli20
      • Oli20
      • 8 mths ago
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      s1114376 I agree that some IoT devices do need to talk together, for instance I have HomeKit devices but those need to be on my main network as they not only need to talk to each other but also things such as my iPhone and AppleTV (for remote access). This is a risk I have to accept to have these devices. Currently those are protected by Eero Plus.  However, there are quite a few things that only talk to th cloud and not to each other that can be on the guest network. In my case that is TV’s, cameras, generators and sump pumps. I would love for those to be protected all while not having to introduce risk by putting them on my private network. 


      In summary, i believe it has to do very much with ones setup. Mine would be 90 percent solved by protecting the guest network with eero plus, which should be a fairly easy implementation. I agree that your request would take that one step further if ones IoT devices did only need to speak to each other and not private devices. 

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  • Can eero provide any comment on this?

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    • Oli20 —

      Thanks for writing in! At this time, we don't have any updates to share regarding eero Plus capabilities being expanded to the guest network.

      If it helps, a device using the guest network is completely separated from the main network, as well as all the other devices on the guest network. This means they can't talk with any devices or such on either the main or guest network.

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      • Oli20
      • Oli20
      • 7 mths ago
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      Jeff C. 


      Thank you for the quick reply! I am aware that the guest network devices cannot talk to each other, which is very nice. My use case is that I have devices such as TV’s,Game Consoles, generators...... that I have on my guest network due to their lack of need to talk to anything else internally. So to separate them I put them on the guest network. This works perfect but it’s a shame that they then aren’t protected by Plus. 


      Again, I thank you for the quick reply, I do hope you and the team reconsider this because for a lot of people the guest networks isn’t just guest devices but segmented user devices.


      Have a wonderful day!

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