Allow guest to talk to internal network devices

Would like the ability to allow a device on guest network to be able to communicate to a device specified on the internal network.

Example would be I could allow my Apple TV  to talk to a friends iPhone on guest, so that they could stream from their phone to the Apple TV 

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    • Jeff_C
    • 5 yrs ago
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    Hey  Drew —

    Thanks for your feedback! I'm happy to share this feedback with the team. However, the design of the Guest Access is to share your network with friends, family, and guests with confidence that they can't interfere with the devices or settings on your main network.

    For that reason, this isn't likely something we will be adding and I'll be marking it as Not Planned. However, should that change, I'll update this topic.

      • Raphael
      • 5 yrs ago
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      Jeff C. 

      what would be required for this to change?

      Broadacst devices (Apple TV / Chromecast / Roku / Fire TV / Smart TVs...) are very common nowadays. I have 1 in my guest bedroom and without the ability for my guests to AirPlay/Use an app to control it, it is frustrating.

      My old AirPort Extreme allowed this feature on its guest network

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    Still an advanced option I'd like to have...

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