Egress Hairpinning

I run a couple servers inside my network, mostly relying on a reverse-proxy to accept connections on TCP 443 and proxy the connections to the right internal server. I don't run separate internal v. external DNS. Instead, I have a more typical setup where I define an external DNS server in eero, then the eero includes its address as the DNS server in all DHCP addresses, and forwards the requests.


As a result, though, I can't access my server by [subdomain].[domain].com while *inside* my eero network. I have to instead use DNS shortnames. This is annoying for a number of reasons. 

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  • russwittmann  I can only speak to my experience and opinion, but there's no way I'd return my eero kit just because of NAT hairpinning. I can spin up an internal name server to address this need until the feature is eventually added. It's a hassle, but it's not the end of the world. 


    That said, I want to *stop* running an internal DNS server, so Jeff C. if you can get this prioritized, it sure would be nice. 

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  • jalvani That makes tons of sense. However, I returned mine due to this specifically. Again, cameras are rendered useless on/off network, depending on the choice. Now, the MAIN problem is that some folks in my household chose iPhones (!) and the problem is there are no apps that allow for on/off network settings. So I can either accommodate on network usage with zero remote usage or off network with no on premises viewing. It is unacceptable. Now, had they chose a real phone like the Pixel or something, no big deal! TinyCam Pro solves this problem!

    For me, I have access to a few apps on network and I bother with changing the IP; so I agree with you if that was all I had. But 9 cameras (4 different models among the 9) all in one app on iOS is impossible. And even if something became available, I would have to buy the app simply because my $500 router (now $400; another good reason I returned it) router doesn't support it is not all that cool.

    So, I hope my return can help. Frankly, it's the reason I still follow this thread, because I would like to become a customer again. I do understand it may not be a big deal to all, hence why the feature is not included to begin with, and it is certainly not the end of the world....that is true! But for some of us, it is the end of using Eero, and that is unfortunate.

  • iOS app ip Cam Viewer Pro allows me separate settings (groups) for viewing my cameras at home or outside the home by just selecting the appropriate group (even if manuallly). 

  • Thanks everyone for the contributions. I can assure you that your voices are being heard. Again, if there are ever any updates, I'll absolutely update the thread. It isn't something that is going to happen overnight, but we are constantly monitoring/measuring feedback and take it into consideration when looking at where to build and expand the services.



  • I wanted to officially add my request to this.  I have wanted this since day 1.  To say it will not happen overnight is an understatement.  This thread alone is over a half a year old.

    I was disappointed that this did not function when the product came out.  I assumed it would have been added soon as every other mid to high range router supports this.

    Is it even on the product roadmap or is it taking a back seat to GUI improvements?



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  • CodeGrue yes.  Eero is pushing out silly UI enhancements instead of adding functionality.  They talk a big game about listening, but they refuse to acknowledge the loopback issue is a major impedance for many people.

  • Jeff C. 


    Our team closely monitors feedback from our community, support tickets, and all other places where customers share their feedback with us. While we don't have any updates to share regarding specific features updates at this time, we're always working on improvements. 

    It's been my experience that Eero never shares information about updates.  They just appear.

    The process for building new features really depends on resources and how it fits into the current state of eero and other projects we have going on. We look forward to continuing to build great new features, as well as looking to develop many requests that have been featured here.

    Eero is tight lipped about new features.  However this specific issue (NAT LOOPBACK) has been requested ad nauseum. Why can't we get a response about this?  WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS? Speaking on behalf of other users, we are pisseed off over your silence.  This is a poor attitude to take with your customers and I will not recommended Eero to friends and family and specifically cite poor service as the reason. 

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  • There seem to be inconsistent answers as to whether one can use some kind of DNS service, like this one http://dyn.com , in order to get around the lack of NAT Loopback. If a DNS service can get around this, could someone explain how? I need it very seriously.

    I use Daylite and it serves serves several other devices ( www.marketcircle.com ). Right now, it will only serve local devices if the local network address is entered, and only remote devices if the external address is entered. I could enter only the external address, but I am often local as well, and then it won't sync. Very annoying.

  • shahidhaque You've stumbled across why we're all disgruntled. ;)

    Only option (besides internal vs. external) is a VPN. It can still access internal addresses but dialing up an external IP from a VPN-connected device identifies as the public IP and therefore can get to the local destination via external IP while on the network.

  • I'm probably just adding a drop in the bucket here, but anything to help. This feature would be extremely appreciated. I would really like to host a private git server for use among some friends on a project using the Swift Package Manager. Dependencies using the package manager are stated using URLs, and the same URL is used both for building the package on the server where it's being deployed and on the device where it's being tested, which means one will be on the network and the other will be off by necessity. I'm looking into running my own DNS server to work around this issue, but that's annoying. I'm a bit frustrated by the (somewhat non-)responses given from eero on this thread, but it's still a good system, and maybe NAT loopback is a challenging feature for some reason. I'd appreciate some deeper technical information from eero as to why this isn't implemented, but I understand that's unlikely. My thanks goes out to anyone who is helping this issue get resolved!

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  • Given up hope to this point. Check out this Reddit thread, where an eero engineer comes in:


    "Insufficient imagination on our part; sorry. We didn't realize people would want to do this when we designed the startup flow of the system. There should be a fix in the next eeroOS release, coming real soon now."

    "Are you saying the NAT loopback will be implemented in the upcoming releases?"

    "No, I'm saying that custom DNS will be implemented better so that internal DNS servers stand a chance of working."

    I don't believe that they'll ever add this feature and probably hope interest will just fade away. I'd look for another router if I were you.



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  • Hi Luc  and everyone —

    Thanks for checking back in.

    I would like to mention that the thread you linked out to was from around a year ago. 

    While we don't have a timeline to share on Egress Hairpinning/Nat Loopback being implemented, we haven't stated that it is something we won't do. While I don't have more to share at this time, we continue to consider and evaluate any feature till it states Not Planned at the top.

    I really wish there was more I could provide, but there are not any updates at this time. We are not trying to mislead anyone, so if this is a necessity for your network today, we understand if eero isn't a fit at this time. However, we do hope that you consider us again if this feature becomes implemented.

    Thanks again everyone's feedback and continued interest. As soon as there are any updates, I will post them here.



  • "we understand if eero isn't a fit at this time."

    Doesn't cut it for many of us who invested in this system for ourselves and others assuming a basic feature available on many $40 wireless routers would be added in short order simply to see update after update come and go with nothing.

    The official responses in this thread almost have the tune of "stop asking, it will get here if it gets here".  However if people don't keep pushing the issue you will simply say, "doesn't seem to be much interest, not important!".  I for one encourage people to keep asking, even if you see 50 other people have already asked, ask again!  Ask for an update at least once a month.   If you sit quiet and wait they will just keep throwing the issue to the back!

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  • Jeff C. 

  • I bought my 4 units in December.   Would you take them back and refund me? 




  • "I would like to mention that the thread you linked out to was from around a year ago. "

    That's the problem. Eero knew about this over a year ago and nothing has been done to address the issue so understand that we're quite sceptical about it being ever taken care of. I think you made design decisions that prove to be incompatible with NAT loopback so there's no chance in hell that it'll ever be implemented. At least acknowledge this so we can all move to other solutions.

  • Thanks for chiming in usr2284a .

    We absolutely want you and others to continue to push for this feature. I would never ask you guys to stop -- I'm here to push the things you and others would like to see. However, development of features, such as more complex ones like this, do take time.

    We wish it were easy, and that we could build all the features requested. But it takes resources, and many of those are focused on continuing improvements and enhancements to eero make sure your system is always getting faster, smarter, and better.

    Hopefully one of these days Hairpin NAT will be one of those enhancements. But I'm not going to mislead anyone, and for that reason, again I'll state that we don't have any updates at this time.

    Keep the feedback coming, and I'll continue to share. 

  • eltonsiu@gmail.com  —

    Per our refund policy, all returns must be made within 30 days of purchase. We cannot provide any returns outside of the 30-day mark.

  • Jeff C.  Actually, just yesterday on reddit, one of your engineers admitted it would be technologically simple to implement.  Just no one has been instructed to do so.  So there is that... :)



  • usr2284a

    Can you share that Reddit link?

  • Hi, New Eero owner here.

    Jumping in to +1 and say I would really like this feature. Thanks.

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  • I gave up and installed a wired EdgeRouter Lite(which has had this feature for over 4 years) and placed the eero in bridge mode.  Very happy at this point.

  • I'll add my name to the group of people who want this feature.

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  • Add me to the list, also because of security cameras.  Very confusing to try to explain to others in the household how this works and why it has to be this way when it was working before.  I've never had a router before that doesn't support it.  I seem to recall the claim before being that it was a security issue.

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  • I'd return it before the time is up. This feature which is basic, is not going to get fixed anytime soon. 

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