Profile that bypasses eero+

I'd love to have a profile that uses my defined name servers and bypasses eero+ DNS-based feautures. This would be useful for some specific devices (Say AppleTVs) as well as troubleshooting issues (like "does this webpage break because I'm blocking the ads?"). 

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  • I recently commented about this in the eero subreddit, and I’ll add the comment here. I think the additional context might help make the feature more appealing:


    > I'm voicing my desire (again!) for a profile that bypasses zScaler, and doesn't get the benefit of eero+. I'd be fine with having to click through a Really Scary Warning about how terrible my decision is. At the moment, I can't take advantage of eero+'s security benefits at all because I need three fairly well locked down devices (AppleTVs) to use specific nameservers. Ideally, I could set the name servers in a profile, but if I had to configure them manually on the devices, I'd be fine with that, too. And if eero wanted to capture any DNS traffic from those device to any other name serversthat would be even better.

  • This remains a useful feature, and has a number of votes. The silence is deafening. 

      • Drew
      • Drew
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      jalvani Thanks so much for your suggestion! While we're not always able to comment on every request directly, please rest assured that our product team sees the feedback. While I don't have any details to share about the feature as you've laid it out here, I'd like to take this opportunity to let you know that the eero Guest Network works exactly as you're suggesting, and fully bypasses eero Secure's DNS filter. Until such a time as we may implement a manual bypass feature, you can use the guest WiFi to serve as a temporary "unfiltered" connection. Thanks again so much for sharing your thoughts, they aren't going unnoticed!

      Drew, eero Community Team

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