Bandwidth History

It would be awesome if we could see the history of all the bandwidth going through the Eero. 

NOTE: Just noticed this in the current feature requests. Opps.


  1. Complete history of bandwidth
    • By device
      • Monthly as well as daily. Being able to see which device used X amount of data on a certain day. Example: I have a camera and would like to see how much data that camera used that day / month, etc. 
      • Adding this would be great if you click on a device in the Eero app as well as an overall "data section"
    • By month
      • My ISP has data caps so being able to see how much data is being used by month would be really useful. My ISP doesn't give me a breakdown so If i wanted to see how much i used per month, I'm out of luck. 

I'm drawing inspiration from my Android O data usage section. Screenshot below. 

Would love feedback! Many thanks!



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    • mcdonajw
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    Please, yes! For all of the aforementioned reasons! This is essentially the one missing feature for me.

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