Connecting to Eero pro through web interface.

Currently, the mesh network has 3 PROs and 2 beacons setup in BRIDGE MODE;  

The TP-LINK router is connected to the modem.  A Eero PRO is hardwired to the TP-LINK router;  The TP-LINK router also is connected to multipole NETGEAR enterprise gigabit switches which provides the feed for the whole house CAT5 wiring.  (House built in 2009, CAT5.. not 5E)

I would like to not put the mesh network into bridgemode.    I can remove the TP-LINK router no problem but I will need to be able to configure the primary EERO PRO; 


My old TP-LINK router has a lot of port forwarding, a lot of address reservations.  I see that you can do this under advanced network settings in the APP but that is massively painful to do on an iPhone.  


I did try to login into the router using a computer and web interface;  In Chrome I typed in  (originally EERO defaulted to which I changed but had also tried before changing).   Connection is refused;  Where as the TP-LINK router would present me with a login, the EERO just gives me a connection refused web response.  

I’ve tried with Firefox browser as well.  Being able to configure a router through a web interface is a requirement for me.  The app is way too hard to type on and see.  What I am doing wrong here?

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  • There is no web interface for eero. You can only manage it through the app.

    Since you are having a hard time seeing things in the app, it might be worth looking into the accessibility options on your phone/tablet. iOS has the ability to enlarge text/fonts in apps that support it.

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  • Hi, thanks for the reply.  I am pretty disappointed by this lack of accessibility.    Entering a reservation table of 30 MAC addresses over a iphone KB is comedy.  

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    • dking it’s actually pretty easy to add a reservation. You don’t have to manually enter the MAC address. Just go into the reservation section, tap on the device, and then save it.

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      • dking
      • dking
      • 1 yr ago
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      cMoo92 Ya i did spot that too.  Definitely helps.  Kind of sucks that if you switch netsettings under DHCP&NAT from say automatic to bridge that all of your tables/forwards, etc get blanked out.  That configuration typically isn't lost in other routers when you enable/disable a feature.

      Offtopic, My devices don't seem to transition from node to node (Apple Devices);  They seem to stay connected if there is ANY signal from the node as opposed to switching to the best signal.  Seems to defeat the point of this whole thing.  

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  • I would not have bought the wifi system had I known that I can't configure this via a browser.  I miss my Synology router.  Maybe there is a mesh version of DD-WRT.  Let me look....

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  • Positively impressed by Eero products, but I think it is silly to force customers to use only the phone App. A browser based app is sorely needed.

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  • No logs I can get over, but not having a web interface is inexcusable.  They need to add this in a future update or I may need to switch.

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  • Why isn't there a web interface, the app is useless and the security is terrible as well. even the 10/month + program. So annoying and disruptive to my smart home devices I had to turn it off. My main complaint is every device I have drops wi fi calls, Skype calls, zoom, Microsoft Teams calls....every time I walk around my house. I could drop a call 3 times walking from one end to another. I have 3 Eero Pros and 2 beacons covering a 4,000 sf house....plenty of eeros. My single nighthawk router was faster and had just as good of coverage with the ONE and I never had to worry about dropping.  Eero support had no fix, Sonic internet has no fix. unbelievable. piece of trash. I never thought I'd say I miss my Netgear...and I'm real close to buying a new one. nothing beats big antennas and a powerful signal, not even 5 Eeros at 3 times the price. Id be ashamed to work for this company.  

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  • Completely agree that a web gui interface is sorely needed.  Just had new service provider install fiber to the house for streaming TV and internet.  They installed one pro and two beacons for wifi and I was surprised that you have no web gui.  Was sure the beacons wouldn't have a web gui, but the router not having one is just a non starter.

    Sadly I was thinking swap out my existing mesh system of the Orbi to the eero, but think I'll be keeping the Orbi system.  Figure I'll just let them come get the eero system.

  • As a Software Quality Assurance Director and VP, I can say, without a doubt, that simply relying on an app interface is simply the worst example of laziness.  Its unconscionable that eero Product Management hasn't insisted on a web interface for their products.  Forcing me to hunt through mobile screen after mobile screen for the information that I need is unreal.

    Please hear me, eero - you're not making thing simple or easy for folks by completely removing a web interface from your products as a means of configuration.  Its unbelievably lazy and short sighted.  Not everyone is moving to or prefers mobile interfaces. Advanced configuration and security still needs traditional interfaces - like a web-based GUI. Don't let the arrogance of your software architects prevent you from fulfilling this basic, customer need.

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  • I paid $499 for a system that works great but there is no smile on my face with no web interface .... what a bummer. I would not pay more than $299 without web interface,

    I guess the only solution is to send it back :( $499 with web interface any day 

      • ChrisSpera
      • ChrisSpera
      • 2 days ago
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      iliescu My units come from my ISP.  I'm glad I didn't pay for these.

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