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I have the 3 pack of eero and the main is at my desktop connected from my comcast modem to a switch then to the main eero.  My question is can the 2nd and 3rd eeros, can the eero be connected from the comcast coax, to a moca adapter, to the 2nd eero, to another network switch and then basically hard wired to an xbox at this 2nd location? Basically making each eero location just as the main eero is connected instead with a moca adapter in place of the comcast modem.  Just a note, I have to keep the comcast modem because I have a land line phone.

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    Hi, the modem should connect directly to the first eero. If you have put a switch between the eero and the modem you will have problems. If you use moca off the modem to another eero you are essentially creating another gateway so again you will have problems. 

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