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I have eero and ring - both Amazon products as far as I am aware.

Recently my battery on the ring has been draining super quick and needs replacing every three weeks when it used to last about three months. 

I called the ring customer support and they told me I needed to change the WiFi channel. 
how do I do this on eero, I can’t find any instructions on how to do it - only an article explaining that it might be a good thing to do! 

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  • Hello,

    The channels the eero broadcasts on are not able to be changed. I did not look and found some articles that might help you find out why your batteries are draining much faster. I have linked them below.



    Take a look at these, let me know if they did not resolve or explain the behavior you are experiencing.

    Thank you,


    eero Support

    • Thanks James, sadly I have been through these issues with ring on a couple of occasions a s set everything up for the best battery health possible. 

      im in the U.K. so temps rarely go down to -4, I have reduced the number of snapshots and the rssi is only -50. 

      they sent me a new battery, that does the same thing and told me the only way to resolve was to change the WiFi channel. 

      tbh - bit disappointed that spending over £100 on a mesh system and it doesn’t have the facility to do it. I purposefully bought eero as an Amazon product so I would have issues with the number of Alexa and ring items I was using as they are all the same company :(

      would you have any further ideas?

    •  Andrea. Day 


      I spoke with some of my co-workers about this and there shouldn't be anything on the eero network that is causing your device to use more battery power. They mentioned that there is a motion sensing setting that has a rest setting in it and if that is turned off it could be draining the battery by not letting the camera rest. Can you check this?

      Thank you,


      eero Support

    • I have everything set to the recommended settings. The battery used to last 3 months when I first got it then it fell off a cliff. That’s when I spoke to ring and they did a lot of setting adjustment and testing over a number of weeks. This was all before I got eero. 
      I assumed that as they said it was a wifi issue, that eero would sort it - and that I could set it to the channel that they told me it needed to be on. They said it was definitely the channel Issue :( 

    • Andrea. Day 


      I would reach back to Ring support and let them know that eero, which you stated they recommended, manually change the channels. The eero system uses DFS, Dynamic Frequency Selection, which allows the eeros to change the channels based on network needs. But this is all handled automatically through the algorithms in the eero. I have shared a link below regarding DFS.


      Thank you,


      eero Support

    • James hi - thanks. But ring didn’t recommend eero, they recommended that I used an alternative wifi channel. I assumed that I could do this on a premium mesh network like eero and chose eero as it is an Amazon company, like ring, so assumed that their would be some compatibility? 

      I’ll got back to them, but tbh - I think that they will bounce it back to you and I’ll just end up in the middle with a doorbell that doesn’t really work :( 

    • Andrea. Day Hello,

      I know that Ring devices do work with eero. However, identifying the causes of these behaviors can be difficult. Moving the eeros closer did not seem to correct the behavior and you have tried resetting the Ring device and reconnecting it to the eero network. Is this the only Ring device that you have on your network? If so, are the other Ring devices also having battery issues? Have you asked Ring if they could try replacing your Ring device?

      Looking forward to continuing to assist you with this,


      eero Support

  • Hi,

    It’s the only ring device. I have called them again to discuss and they have said that it seems to be set up fine but they agree that there is an issue. I have reset it and it’s still behaving the same. 
    Although they can see there is an issue, all the can recommend is that I buy a new one, hard wire it or use the solar charger. Can’t say I’m best pleased :( 

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