Unnamed Device in Activity but not Device List

I am using mostly Apple devices and a couple of stereo/TV devices.  No game machines or automated home systems.  

On the iPad EERO app I have an “unnamed device” showing up in my activity list uploading .1kb every hour (3.1kb every day).   But this decice does NOT show up in my list of devices on the Home screen of the EERO app.  

My EERO system connects to the internet via an ATT Router/Modem.  The gateway page on it shows only two active devices... the EERO and unknown488D36199CD3.   The MAC address is listed as 48:8d:36:9c:d3.   The IP is

It would appear this device is connecting directly to the Modem... but I have no idea what it may be which bothers me.  Also, Since it does not go through the EERO, why would EERO record the traffic? 


Any thoughts as to what this could be?

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  • Hello,

    Do you have a stand alone modem or a modem router combo? It sounds to me like these might be two separate devices.  We will need to do some testing first. If you change the password of your network for an hour, do you still see that device using data?

    Looking forward to working with you,


    eero Support

  • Thanks for the reply.  I have a modem/router combo used by AT&T for gigabit fiber optic service model nbr 5268AC.   

    I changed the password to the network an hour ago.... made no difference.  

    The ATT router page shows only two active devices... both wired connections.  One is the “main” EERO, and the other is this ‘unknown’ device I described above.   All other listed devices are “inactive”.   

    The WiFi radios of the ATT Device are, of course, both turned off since the EERO is the WiFi connection.  Also, be aware that all the EEROs are backhauled by wired connections.  Two of the EEROs and a few devices (eg AppleTV) are connected together with a switch.   The switch then routes thru the “master” EERO to the AT&T modem/WiFi unit.  Only the master EERO is wired to the AT&T box.

  • One more data point for you.   On a whim I rebooted the AT&T router/modem.  Suddenly a burst data was recorded by EERO of 2.3 kb upload for that hour, rather than the usual .1kb.  No downloads recoded, just the uploads.  

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