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It would be nice to have a list view of all currently connected devices by ascending IP address. (first screen shot/mock-up).  In the view, you could choose to apply no grouping, or group by profile, or eero that an ip is connected to.  Also, there would be 2 versions of the lists to look at:  Active IPs, and Inactive IPs (recently on the network, but not currently).  If possible, maybe one more option: to view IPs ascending or descending?  (This is not in the mock-up).

When you click on the IP, it would give you the same detail you see when viewing any device. (screen shot of existing view taken from the ap).

Why the need for this view?  I sometimes get random messages on my laptop saying "[local ip address] is trying to connect to rapportd [or pick any random Apple, or other device service].  And, it's usually benign, just my apple devices trying to talk to each other...but would be so much easier to verify if this list is available.  Today, I go "fishing" and guess which device it may be by looking in my eero App, then clicking into the device to view its ip.

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