Set new devices to be automatically assigned to a specified profile

I would like to be able to have any new devices that connect to the network be assigned to a specific profile.

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  • I also greatly desire this feature. I don't want guests looking up questionable content on my Internet connection.

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  • If you would just add this feature, we could leverage it in so many ways.. 

    New devices automatically get a profile with bandwidth limits.
    New devices automatically applied to a profile using a schedule.

    Your current model is so close.. Just let us pick a default rather than having to add every new device manually!!!

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  • Plus one here too - this would massively increase the value of the eero to me. At the moment mine are pretty useful but this one feature would make them gold. 

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  • Synology appears to be the only router to have a feature like this - I have a google wifi but would throw it in the trash for this feature on a WIFI 6 router. My son regularly brings home new devices it is impossible to quarantine them all and now PCs etc can change their MAC address - the only option is to have a default quarantine zone and whitelist known devices into profiles that have full acces.

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  • Yes- this would be a great feature. I am using a Firewalla device to do this but would love for eero to add this feature. Kids can easily bypass eero filtering by turning on “private mode”. This is a must add feature!!!

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  • I love our Eero but I am very frustrated that this isn't a feature already. There's no point in having schedules and set time limits, etc. if all someone has to do is log off and back on to not have a profile, change their MAC address, and/or use a VPN. I'm sure Eero didn't plan to have to help us set limits with our kids but here we are...a generation struggling to keep our kids from running amok with technology before they are mature enough to handle it on their own. PLEASE for all the love just let us have a default profile that ALL new devices go to until you can sort out what the device is. OR, let us set default settings for all new devices until it gets a profile. Yes, we have to go old school and simply take devices at night but there are so many devices now. Eero, please help by adding this feature!! 

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  • Seems like an obvious feature to implement. In addition to all the valid use cases above I’d like it so that when my kids friends come over with their devices it automatically applies the most stringent restrictions. 

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      Quinla01 Exactly! We are thinking about switching to Gryphon which has this feature. 

  • Please do this! It is a must with current devices!

  • Please, implement this feature as soon as possible !!! I'm looking after a residence of students and it's a job to put every device to a profile which parental controls up. Could it be possible to get for next week ? Many thanks for advance !!!!  

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