Can Quic Cause DNS timeouts?

Hello, my wife and I have 3 eero 6's set up in our home. We have a mix of Android and iOS/MacOS devices. I've been playing around with Chrome's experimental Quic settings and enabling it where I could. Around the same time, our Android-based systems would start having network issues where the device would still be connected to the wifi but it would be stuck loading whatever it was trying to load. It looked like a DNS timeout. I tried a lot of things to fix the time outs - rebooting the eeros, soft resetting them, restarting our phones, changing Private DNS settings on the Android phones, and various other things. I've also tried turning off Quic on Chrome but the issues do still linger, not surprising if something freaks out on the Eero and doesn't clear for a few days.

Would enabling Quic cause this kind of weirdness on Eeros?

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    • sgorneau
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    I have major DNS issues as well not using any Quic settings. Just a massive amounts of DNS timeouts in browsers, apps, and services.

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