Toshiba laptop unable to see wifi

I got my parents an eero pro 6 3 pack for Christmas. There are several family members over for the holidays and every device in their house is able to see and connect to the Error WiFi with no issues (My work Windows 10 laptop, work Mac, multiple phones Apple iPhone's and Samsung, Amazon Echo's and an HP printer). The only 2 devices that are not able to see the WiFi are my parents 2 Toshiba laptops. One has windows 8.1 and one has windows 10. I have already checked all the network settings in windows that i know of and reset everything and that made no difference. I also tried updating the drivers for the WiFi card and still they are unable to see the eero WiFi. It just does not show up in the list of available networks on either laptop. Other networks around show up with no issues. I did try booting off a live USB running of Ubuntu on one of the laptops and that was able to see the eero network with no issues. Seems to just something in windows can't. I called eero support and was referred to contact Toshiba as it seems to be some known issue with Toshiba laptops not properly detecting the mesh network. The eero agent was not able to tell me what setting in windows needed to be changed. He only seemed to know that Toshiba was able to fix it for other's and unfortunate the Toshiba tech support is closed for the holidays. 

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  • That seems odd. Some things to try that may or may not help:

    1. If the network name has any special characters (like punctuation, dash, etc) try removing that
    2. Make sure WPA3 is turned off under Discover > eero Labs
    3. Make sure band steering is turned off under Discover > eero Labs
  • There are no special characters in the network name. Also looking under eero labs everything was already off. 

  • Had the same problem. My laptop could detect all other networks in the area, but not my eero.  Did not make a difference if I used Legacy.  My cure was to install a small USB WiFi adapter. Can now detect and connect to  my network with much faster speeds.

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