Very slow upload on wired and wireless connections

Hi, apologies if this has come up before, but I haven't been able to find a solution via searching these forums and elsewhere.

I have a 300mbps service with Verizon Fios and have good download speeds (~300mbps as expected) but seeing really slow upload speeds (~5mbps) across both wired and wireless configurations with a new Eero 6+:

ONT --> Eero --wired--> laptop

ONT --> Eero --wireless--> laptop

When I directly connect my laptop directly to the ONT, I'm getting 300 down/300 up. Using the original Verizon router also gives me 300/300 across wired and wireless connections.

Any help very much appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Interesting, I'm having a similar issue.  I'm going through an troubleshooting my setup now, but I just installed a new Eero system; I have 300 Mbps FiOS service to connected to the hub Eero 6+, and the internal Eero speedtest reports 300 Mbps.

    I have a 1 Gbps switch hanging off the other interface of my Eero, which includes connections to two other Eero nodes, as well as some wired devices.  Repeated tests from anywhere to anywhere on my network ( wireless on a spoke node to wired, wireless on the hub node to wired) is reporting good throughput, generally at over 300 Mbps in both directions (using iPerf).

    Tests from anywhere to the Internet (wired, wireless on the hub node, wireless on a spoke node) shows good download throughput, but upload speeds are single digit Mbps at best.  My previous mesh system gave me good bidirectional performance, and Eero's internal speed test is reporting 300/300, so I don't think it's Verizon or my cable.

    I can provide more information if needed; overall, this is a great system; so far, the upload restrictions haven't broken anything, but I'd like to fix the issue.  I haven't tested user experience during significant uploads.




  • Thanks for information, Rick. Does indeed sound like the same issue. I'm also seeing good 300/300 internal performance in the Eero app and the same slow uploads no matter which node I am connected to, both wired and wireless.

    The upload speeds would often drop even below 1Mbps and have been causing issues with videoconferencing.

    Really hoping someone from Eero sees this and is able to help, otherwise very much regretting my purchase.

  • I put in a ticket to the support desk today and I'll point them to this thread if and when they respond.  I'm debating pulling the trigger on a competing product before Cyber Monday pricing ends.  It's annoying to have to rip and replace, and I was unhappy with the new UI for the mesh system I migrated from, but at the same time, I need the system to work. 

    I did some extended testing and found an issue with my switch, but that didn't change my slow uploads.  It really seems to be the routing engine in the gateway Eero, since it reports full speed by the ISP, and wired to wireless traffic runs at full speed.  I think I'm going to try swapping two of them, in case it's a bad node.  Otherwise, I'm out of ideas; I can't believe it's an Eero platform issue though.

  • It looks like I fixed the issue for me.  I went to one of my spoke nodes and used the app to remove it from my mesh.  I then went to the hub node, hit the plus button in the app and told it to replace the node, then swapped in the just removed spoke for my hub.  Once the dust settled, my performance looked pretty good.

    As for the dust part, I'd recommend unplugging your other nodes; things went a bit haywire for me during the process; I think the existing spokes were confusing the newly replaced hub.  Another caveat is that three of my nodes are newly purchased and one was given to me, so there's a chance that it's hardware based, but I suspect it's just a glitch that was addressed by swapping the nodes.

    Good luck

  • In case anyone else comes across this thread, I had a back-and-forth with eero support via email, and it turns out that simply swapping the ports on the gateway eero fixes the issue completely for me. Phew!

  • I had the same exact issue. The day after my FiOS connection was upgraded to 300 Mbps and I was able to remove the old Verizon modem in between my ONT and my gateway eero 6+, my download speed was great but I noticed my upload speed was terrible. I spent a few hours on the phone with eero support troubleshooting but was not able to solve the problem. They recommended I call Verizon, but I found this thread first. (Not sure how I missed it previously, as I had searched for hours before calling support.) Amazingly, swapping ports on the back of the gateway eero also solved my problem!

    One interesting point is that eero support had me try swapping a different eero in as a gateway, but that didn't work for me. The process we followed was a little different though (just tried plugging it into the wire), so perhaps there is something in the detailed steps that makes a difference.

    Anyway, I'm so glad to have this solved as the slow upload speed would not have been tolerable for much longer!

    Thanks for sharing your solutions.

  • Funny, I think I switched the ports when I swapped out the nodes.  It would have been a lot easier if I'd thought to try that first.


    Take care, all.

  • I had this exact issue.  Worked for months out of the box, then all of a sudden 1MBps uploads MAX on a fios gigabit connection.  Tried resetting, tried power cycling, tried calling verizon, everything.  Then just switching the cables between ports fixed it instantly.  Thanks for the solution.  Eero, WHY DOES THIS SOLUTION WORK????   This is so stupid I can't believe it.  What nonsense.  Honestly...... fix your product, Eero!

  • Had this same issue exactly.  Just switched from comcast to VZ FIOS 300/300 and was getting 300 down no problem but uploads were <10 Mbps.  Switched the ports on the eero and voila! What an interesting fix, love these easy ones though. Thanks for the thread y'all!

  • I created an account just now to say +1 to everything. I had 1mbps upload speeds, which affected my work significantly. I figured mesh was a gimmick I wasted money on. 

    Looking at the back of the node, directly at the ports, I switched from the left port to the right. 

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