IOS device can't find Airprint printer

Hi Folks, I've read thru the posts I could find about this so far but have not seen a solution.

I have a Canon MF642C which is connected via ethernet to a network. I've 4 eeros with the gateway eero connected to the same ethernet network.

I use NAT on the eeros.

I've got a MacBook Pro connected to the eero wifi and it can find the Canon printer and setup to print to it fine via airprint.

However, my iphone cannot find the printer via airprint and I get the message I've seen in other posts:

"No Airprint Printers Found".

Prior to the eero wifi we used Airport Extreme wifi routers and bridged the networks, not NAT and airprint worked fine.

I can convert to bridged mode but I like the added layer of security NAT can provide and so have not done it (yet).

So I'm wondering if I'm missing a setting someplace that might affect the IOS devices, but not Mac. Note - on the Mac I entered the IP address of the printer then selected airprint. There is no option on IOS to do that - it relies on discovery. Would the use of NAT be the problem here?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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  • I can’t tell for sure from your network description, but it sounds like maybe you’ve got another router in your network. If your printer is connected to that and not directly through your eero, then since you’re running NAT and not bridged mode on your eero network that would definitely be causing the issue you’re seeing.

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      • billb
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      The network is:

      cable modem <--> firewall/router <--> switch<--->eero
                                               ^+---> printer   (as well as other devices)

      so the printer and the eero are on the same ethernet network, and yes, the printer is not connected directly to the eero.


      So what you are saying is that the NAT prevents the discovery of the airprinter via Bonjour. Ok - I'd started to suspect as much. Thanks!

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