List of Blocked Threats


I have Eero Secure and currently when a threat is blocked, the following info is logged/viewable:

-Which device had a threat blocked

-What category the blocked threat was in (Phishing & Deception, Botnet, Malware)


However, it does not denote any more information about what was truly blocked. I find this problematic given how many people are working from home right now (like me!) so for example, I can see that my work computer has had 3 blocked threats in the Phishing & Deception category, but I have no other information to go off of. 


Specifically what would be helpful is if a URL was blocked, what the URL was. If you were referred to the URL, what URL referred you. I've attached a sample screenshot of what another security product I've used before would give you. The URL's aren't clickable, but it offers you the ability to verify if it was simply a website you were on that is valid, and possible an ad or something causing the issue versus the possibility of your device being compromised.


Just a suggestion, happy to discuss it more as well.

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    I also think this is very needed.  I know they have the data, and just need to make it available.

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