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I have a rented router through my ISP that has wireless which I have disabled and I have a dual eero 6 pro connected to that for my mesh wireless throughout my home.

Fiber comes to the outside of my house and passes to my ISP provided router via copper connection to WAN port.

My question:  I want to replace this router with my own router to eliminate their rental fee and I don't need a wireless router per se.  I assume I can't just bring the WAN uplink direct to the eero gateway unit but need a wired router of some sort.  Wanting to make sure that is correct and what would you recommend for a wired router in this instance.  Would like to be able to handle 1GBps connections at some point, which I suppose would be standard on any current router  (currently have 300Mbps service).

Thanks for help

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    • cMoo92
    • 1 yr ago
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    It may or may not work (depending on your ISP). I’m assuming by “copper cable” you mean an Ethernet cable. If so, try powering off your eero, plug the Ethernet cable from your ISP into your eero and power it back on. You’ll know within a minute or so if it will work. The eero will function as a router.

    Now, if by “copper cable” you mean a coax cable, you will still need a cable modem for that, and then connect your eero to the modem. But, you can buy your own modem and not rent one from your ISP.

      • Element
      • 1 yr ago
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      cMoo92 sorry, I meant Ethernet as opposed to fiber connection straight to the router

    • Stephanie_Sy
    • 1 yr ago
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    We have learned router is a hardware network used for moving, analyzing, and receiving internet data packets within the network or network.

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