EERO Bandwidth Monitoring Insights

EERO already captures some data around up and download for the system, a subset of it (a profile) or a specific device. 

I am looking for analysis on top of that already captured data. Eg if (a device, a profile, overall) has downloaded much more data (today, last week, last month) than usual (average of past few days, average of past few weeks, past few months, depending how long data is aggregated) then you would output this in a dashboard (eg device that most downloaded or most uploaded data during given period of aggregated data) etc.

It can be a dashboard that compliments the existing Monitoring UI in the app, it could also be an API that allows third party (with proper access) to crunch the data and provide additional bandwidth insights based on the "raw" bandwidth and volume Eero's captured data. It could finally be configurable alert. Rather than absolute limits (notify me when more than x data is downloaded/uploaded) it would best be a relative limit compared to some baseline (notify me when downloaded data is % above average for this device/profile/system, etc).

One concrete use case: by inadvertently looking at weekly summary I noted one device (one of my child’s profile) has a fairly high amount of uploaded data (like 30 GB on one day). I had to go back couple weeks to see if that trend was recent (it was) and after digging figured he installed p2p for game playing exposing his public IP and allowing other to download from his machine.

I figured out because I inadvertently reviewed the weekly report but I could have missed it. I wish eero could in the future make this finding easier to track. If a device used to upload say couple GB per day and one one day uploaded 50 GB, putting this prominently in some kind of dashboard could be helpful for end users (at least to me it would).

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